JUNSPOW Large Cats Bed, Square Pet Hammock [For Big Cat] Bed Raised Cat Sleeping Bed Pet Supplies Excellent Permeability Window Sofa Bed for Indoor and Outdoor



The JUNSPOW Large Cats Bed is a perfect square pet hammock that provides an elevated and highly comfortable sleeping spot for big cats. This bed is designed to offer excellent permeability and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor environments. The bed features an open window design that ensures your feline friend can take in fresh air with ease. The sofa-bed style of this incredible piece of pet supplies is ideal if you want to pamper your furry friend with the best sleeping arrangements. Give your cat the best sleeping experience with the JUNSPOW Large Cats Bed.

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Product Description

cat hammockcat hammock

Our cat hammock allows cats to sleep restfully

Cats especially enjoy sleeping in suspended locations. Our design takes into account the specific characteristics of cats and is loved by cats of all kinds. The square design increases sleeping space so that overweight cats can also enjoy sleeping comfortably.

cat bedcat bed

The foot plug can only be used after the foot plug is installed. The product can be placed on uneven ground by adjusting the telescopic foot plug.

cat bedcat bed

Our net structure is breathable.

Our cat hammock can help prevent scratches, is made from breathable material, is simple to clean, water resistant, and is suitable for year-round use.

Our cat hammock has a suspended design, so it is cool even in the summertime. Your cat will also keep warm during the winter, because the hammock does not make direct contact with the floor.

cat bedcat bed

The hammock’s soft touch will help your cat sleep restfully

The square mat gives your cat more sleeping space.

And the sunken cat bed design and soft touch will give your cat a sense of security, so your cat will go to sleep in peace.

cat bedcat bed

cat bedcat bed

cat bedcat bed

The best gift for a cat

Our exquisite package makes an excellent gift for any cat or a friend who is a cat lover.

Freedom of movement

The design is safe and stable, allowing pets to move and use the hammock at will. This allows your cat to stay with you.

Basic information

Dimensions: 16.5 in (42 cm) x 16.5 in (42 cm) x 9.0 in (23 cm)Color: GrayBasic Assembly Required about 4 minutes

cat bedcat bed

100% Worry-free Purchasing

Some cats may be wary of unfamiliar objects or may not know it’s a bed for sleeping. Please try placing the original cat bed in the new cat hammock or place some food and toys in the cat bed to guide your cat to use it.

If you have any questions about the products, please contact the email on the instruction, we will get back to you within 12 hours.


[Larger area] The size is about 16.5 x 16.5 x 9 in. This is the same size as the round cat bed, but with a larger cloth cover area, specially designed for overweight cats. It can be used with cats, small and medium dogs, etc.
[Intimate Design] Newly added foot plug and foot plug protection sticker design. The cat bed can be placed on uneven ground by adjusting the height using the retractable foot plugs. Foot plug stickers prevent slippage and protect the floor.
[High Versatility] Three layers of synthetic mesh fiber fabric keep pets cool and comfortable. Large enough to keep pets away from hot, cold or dirty floors while resting or sleeping. The bed features a sturdy and durable design that is easy to move and suitable for daily use both indoors and outdoors.
[Convenient maintenance and storage] The cover is removable and drainage is good. It dries quickly in the shade. It also dries faster than polyurethane and stiff cotton. It also has a higher drying rate. Because the product contains the basic assembly, it can be folded into a bag when not in use for easy storage.



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