Joy Janella reveals which AEW segments Tony Khan hates



Joy Janella was one of several AEW names who left the company earlier this year due to contract expiration, appearing with them primarily on AEW Dark for the final year of their contract.

On AEW Dark, Janella formed a tag team with Sonny Kiss, after which the two broke up and got into a heated feud on AEW’s YouTube show.

The team participated in a pre-recorded segment on the June 24, 2020 episode of AEW Dynamite, which featured them traveling to a gas station. Janela then enters the store to buy snacks, while who is ambushed by thugs, Janela eventually comes to Sonny’s aid and the pair drive away.

The segment was a one-off for that episode, and a fan took to Twitter to remind us what could have happened, before Janella explained the reason why they stopped happening.

He tweeted:

Tony [hated] them and didn’t even want them on TV

When Janella was asked whose thoughts the videos were, she replied:

me and cody

While Janella left AEW earlier this year, Sonny remains with which company, having recently healed and joined the Trustbusters faction.

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