Jon Moxley wins AEW world title at Dynamite Grand Slam


In the main event of a newsworthy AEW Dynamite Grand Slam, Jon Moxley presented Brian Danielson in the final of the Tournament of Champions to win the vacant AEW World Title.

As expected, the match was a violent and competitive performance with Danielson displaying his kicks, forearm uppercuts and chops. Moxley was happy to engage, chopping his own and kicking Danielson’s back.

In one remarkable moment, Moxley and Danielson were on top of each other’s heads, legs intertwined, slapping each other in the face.

After both men scored on each other near the falls and near submissions, Danielson stumped on Moxley and leaned into a dragon sleeper. After Moxley rolled over, he trapped Moxley in the label lock. Moxley made it to the ropes and as the action went outside, Moxley hit Danielson on the ramp with a death rider who nearly fell.

Moxley then caught on to a rear naked choke which Danielson attempted to reverse, but the former two-time champion was determined and held it off, eventually passing Danielson out for the win.

With the victory, Moxley began his third reign as champion.

MJF, who has a future shot at Moxley based on his casino ladder match win at All Out, was present for the match and was often shown on screen sitting in a suit with a casino chip. Earlier in the night, he and W. Morrissey met with Wheeler Utah during a promo segment.

In the 2020 All Out, Moxley successfully defended the title against MJF in his only singles meet.

Another contender will be crowned at the Rampage Grand Slam in the Golden Ticket Battle Royal which will be taped after tonight’s show.

Moxley vs. Danielson was a rematch of their struggle at the March Revolution, which Moxley won and helped form the Blackpool Combat Club.

The tournament was made necessary after CM Punk was stripped of the title from Moxley at All Out. Punk suffered a torn left triceps in the match and was ruled out indefinitely after surgery. His status is also unknown after his post-event media session following the infamous fight.

Overall, three new champions were crowned on Wednesday, with The Acclaimed defeating Sword in Our Glory for the AEW Tag Team Titles and Chris Jericho defeating Claudio Castagnoli for the Ring of Honor World Title in the show’s opener.

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