Johnny Gargano says WWE return after regime change was a ‘no-brainer’


Johnny Gargano says that after Paul “Triple H” Levesque took over as head of WWE creative, he knew there was only one company he wanted to sign with.

Appeared in an episode of Gargano out of character was released on Wednesday and asked him how soon he began talking about coming back from WWE following the company’s recent management changes.

“It was too early,” replied Gargano. “I’m trying to think about the exact timeline of this because it went by so fast. One thing I would say is that in my downtime, everyone respected my time a lot. They understood that I was in a way Wanted to concentrate but Papa for a while.”

He continued to say that he has a team around him who interacted with other companies during his free agency.

“There’s a team around me that was discussing, talking in different places, but as the changes happened, as everything happened, communication definitely increased in abundance.”

“I have a different relationship with Hunter and Shawn than with a lot of other people. I’ve known them for a long time at this point and I’ve always said they’re like my wrestling father because they are.”

Gargano continued to talk about his team being discussed with other wrestling companies.

“There were conversations, of course. We’d be fools not to have those conversations, right? Especially considering the uncertainty surrounding everything that was going on.”

“I look at everything, I’m a fan of wrestling, and to me, it felt like I wanted to go to a place that could not only use me the best but also a place where I already have Hunter and There is a relationship backstage with a lot of people. It was a big deal for me, I am about relationships, I am all about acquaintances and as soon as the change happened, I think there is only one option in my mind. was.

“The fact that I could take my time, wait it out, and pick my spot in the place I’ve dreamed of working since I was a little kid, it seemed like a no-brainer and It felt like a home run.”

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