John Cena Says He Doesn’t Know When His Next Match Will Be During Raw Returns?



John Cena returns to WWE on tonight’s episode of Raw, and he made sure to stay on throughout the show.

Cena appeared in several segments throughout the night, including the opening segment with him, greeting several WWE stars, most notably R-Truth, as he entered the building.

Cena then took part in fun backstage segments with Street Profits and Ezekiel, as well as teasing the highly rumored match against Theory. However, it looks like the match may not be set for SummerSlam.

Cena was introduced by Vince McMahon for his promo later in the show, where he talked about his career in WWE, and how it helped him become a better person.

Cena ended by saying that he didn’t know when his next match would be before he left the ring and greeted the fans.

Several short video messages featuring Cena’s past names aired to honor Cena, including a cameo appearance by three AEW stars.

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