Jimmy Corderas Explains Why He Thinks Tony Khan Put The ROH Title On Chris Jericho

Jimmy Corderas Explains Why He Thinks Tony Khan Put The


Jimmy Corderas thinks Chris Jericho is just on another level.

The longtime referee recently appointed Wrestling Inc. spoke with senior news editor Nick Hausman of Jericho’s “AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam,” Jericho’s eighth World Championship win at the Ring of Honor World Championship. “I like the fact that he opened the show with a hot [Castagnoli vs. Jericho] And putting the title on Chris Jericho,” Corderas said. “With Chris Jericho now ROH Champion, that championship has been extended to a point it never had before.”

Corderas was quick to mention that he is not trying to disrespect the previous champion of the title’s 20-year history. “Chris Jericho is the biggest, world-renowned Superstar to hold this title at the moment,” Corderas said. “So I guess he raises that title.”

Corderas also pointed out that Jericho makes ROH more attractive to Warner Bros. Discovery executives, as Tony Khan is attempting to gain some sort of distribution for his second promotion since purchasing it in April. “Whether it’s a syndicated weekly one-hour show or whatever the case may be,” said Corderes, “their opportunity to sell this show has greatly increased with a name like Chris Jericho attached to that title.”

ROH continues to run pay-per-view under Khan’s leadership, but most of ROH’s stories, matches, and most importantly, title defenses, currently take place on AEW programming. Khan referred to the recent success of ROH’s PPV, saying that the recent events would be among the top three or four most successful events in promotional history.

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