‘Jim Ross needs to be dumped’: Fans want legendary commentator gone after calling AEW star by his WWE name


What happens inside the wrestling arena doesn’t stay there! Today at All Elite Wrestling’s Blood and Guts pay-per-view, legendary commentator Jim Ross led a big miss. Unfortunately, former WWE commentator Jim Ross doesn’t seem to forget his roots.

Good Ol’ JR has been a spokesperson for several wrestling promotions commentary tables for decades. However, after Vince McMahon’s long and distinguished 20-year WWE commentating career, Jim Ross moved on to rival promotion, AEW.

The legendary JR’s commentary skills are impeccable. Wrestling fans love to hear JR delight everyone with his comments. But, sadly, fans want him gone after AEW’s Blood and Guts PPV.

Wrestling Fans Want The Legendary Jim Ross To Retire After Calling The AEW Star By His WWE Name!

Recently, the former WWE superstar signed with Tony Khan’s AEW under his real name, Claudio Castagnoli. Now he is a member of the stable led by William Regal, Blackpool Combat Club. AEW star Castagnoli did his best, as he was the one who gave Blackpool Combat Club the win over Jericho’s Appreciation Society.

Throughout this match, the AEW announcer named Claudio Castagnoli with his WWE name, Cesaro. Wrestling fans did not miss the opportunity to point this out.

Because of this, fans think it’s time for Good Ol’ JR to hang up his commentator boots. But, of course, AEW and are two rival wrestling promotions with a lost love for each other.

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So, fans slammed the legendary commentator on Twitter when JR called out the AEW star with his WWE ring name multiple times.

Was Good Ol’ JR the only one who got the names wrong during AEW’s Blood and Guts PPV?

Some fans think the announcer should quit his job and enjoy his retirement. While Claudio Castagnoli admirers didn’t like the fact that Ross could ruin names on live TV.

Fans of all different wrestling promotions love the former WWE commentator. However, since JR has been in the business for so long, fans imagined that he shouldn’t make a mistake in a job he’s supposed to do.

Apparently, JR wasn’t the only one on the AEW commentary table who got the names wrong. Another former WWE commentator, Peter Senerchia aka, also joined J.R. on the same trip.

AEW announcer Tazz referred to Ruby Soho as , which was her ring name in McMahon’s WWE. Wrestling fans were quick to point out that two AEW announcers from WWE made mistakes during commentary.

Do you think legendary commentator Jim Ross should step down from the announcement table?

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