Jim Cornett makes shocking claim that WWE star is his ‘favourite person’

Jim Cornette Shockingly Claims WWE Star Is His ‘Favorite Person To Watch’



Controversial wrestling personality and former legendary manager Jim Cornett has named the current WWE star who is his ‘favourite person’, and the name might surprise you.

Cornett worked for Ring of Honor between 2009 and 2012, working with several current top stars in WWE, including Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens (El Genrico and Kevin Stein at the time).

Cornet has set a record over the years for bashing both men for being ‘hard to work with’ and for their dislike of the El Generico gimmick.

However, it seems that now, after all these years, Zayn has finally made a believer out of the cornet.

In the most recent episode of Jim Cornett’s Drive Thru, Corinne talks about the recent incredible segment between Zayn and Bloodline, before revealing that Sami Zayn is currently her favorite wrestler to watch on TV.

he said:

“Oh, I’m feeling Ucey.

“Let me tell you something. I never thought I’d say this. But I think now Sami Zayn is my favorite person to watch on television.

“El Genrico definitely wasn’t but Sami Zayn is incredible. And it’s the whole thing with The Bloodline and The Usos and the Us.”

Cornett continued, explaining how Sami is taking the material and performing it so well that he’ll become “the biggest babyface in the business.”

he said:

“Sami Zayn is fantastic.

“If someone had written this for him, it wouldn’t be like that. He presents it so well because he’s taking the story. He’s taking the material they’re giving him. He’s taking it on his own.” Have converted to weasel-ish delivery.

“And he’s such a determined, stubborn, playful kind of insidious. I mean, all the adjectives and nouns and verbs and adverbs you can come up with. He’s great.

“And you could say he’s a weasel, but he’s such an amusing weasel that he’s becoming the biggest babyface in the business.”

Certainly Sami wasn’t the only person deserving of praise during the segment, as Cornet lavished praise on Roman Reigns and all the bloodlines for his performance on the night.

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he said:

“And then at one point at the end, Roman put his hand around her and said, ‘Now see if you can’t find your inner UC again’ (laughs).

“Jay tries to walk away from the camera. He puts his hand on his face. And Roman said no, no, come back here. Come back here.

“When he’s doing this, Roman thinks The Rock is talking to him. He has it.

“He doesn’t even have the same tone of voice, but the same kind of inflection or delivery or whatever I’m trying to say.

“But anyway, Roman says if you can’t find your inner Uso again, we’re going to make Sami Zayn a full grown Uso and then Sami Uso. And people start chanting, and f**king j is dying. What’s the clause.

“You can tell they all worked on this together because it’s just the writers don’t give them s**t. They are all involved in it.

“They’re working closely with it, they’re coming up with some good s**t. And people want to know what’s going to happen next.

“And sooner or later, Sami Zayn will be a big babyface and potentially even in a main event in some form or another against Roman Reigns. But she was the cat of a segment. ,

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