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If you haven’t heard by now, my sweet dog Good Boy has heard missing, I’m not sure who took her, but you know I’m not stupid. I have a pretty good idea who did this…so yes, I left out Ajubala. I was excited about the chance to write the story of House Calypso for Lady Vo, but unfortunately there are few things that matter more than my career aspirations. They may be few, but Good Boy is certainly one of them.

I say this in all seriousness… no corner of the metaverse That I wouldn’t go looking to find my best friend. Actually, I really need your help. There are so many incredible communities in the metaverse, and I’m here today asking you to help me find the Good Boy. I can promise you that I will repay you for your help. Initially I will be doing this with a first of its kind, the Gamified NFT podcast series where I visit 8 communities. I’ll learn all I can about them, meet their characters, and hopefully find Good Boy. Who knows what else I’ll encounter on this journey, but I promise whatever it is, you’ll be taken along for the ride.

I enlisted the team at Tally Labs to help us better clarify this whole journey. I need to find the Good Boy again, so please read on as I share more details about the opportunity to join me on this journey.

– Jenkins

Basically, we think Fiction Audio is underused in the NFT space! Interview-based podcasts are common here, but none have turned to the medium of scripted immersive entertainment. Web2 has some incredible fiction podcasts (and we’re working with the team behind several of them) and we think we can improve their structure by adding blockchain technology to the mix!

Our partners at SALT Audio are leaders in this field. They are behind many big hits in the fiction audio space such as Blackout (Rami Malek), Hit Job (Pete Davidson), Edge of Sleep, Midnight Miracle (Dave Chappelle) and more. They know how to make great audio-first IP that has a chance to live on in other forms. He’s incredibly excited about this series as it’s his first foray into Web3!

SALT has assembled an incredible team for this project, including producers, screenwriters, showrunners, sound engineers, SFX artists and more. It features many hardworking and talented individuals whom we look forward to introducing you to in the near future!

Some functions of SALT

We’re taking a slightly different strategy than we did bored and dangerous Where NFT is required to read the book. For this podcast, 95% of the content is available from wherever your podcast is (Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, etc.). No NFT is required to listen and enjoy the content. The more people consume it, the better it is for everyone involved! This is truly a cross-community series and we want to shine as much light as possible on this incredible place, the worlds that were created and the characters that you all created. Each episode takes place in a different Web3 community.

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So… if anyone can hear it, where’s the web3 component?

The episodes roll out one by one. There will be a gamified NFT associated with the podcast so you can engage with it on a much deeper level! After listening to an episode on your favorite podcast platform, you can take your NFTs to a dedicated podcast website. After connecting your Wallet and verifying that you own a Podcast NFT, you will be presented with an audio puzzle related to that episode. Each audio puzzle is a collaboration between a team of professional puzzle makers and our SALT team. The riddles will be embedded in the audio as a true extension of the podcast.

Holders are given the opportunity to submit an answer to the riddle before each episode. Once the submission period ends and answers are locked, the correct answer to that episode’s puzzle will be revealed. If you guessed correctly, your NFT will dynamically update to reflect your correct answers. You also earn extra points depending on how fast you answer. You will see your place on the leaderboard. You can do this for every episode!

The image above does not represent 100% the final design

Every time a new episode is released, your NFT is constantly updated and you can show off your progress and measure how you stack up against your fellow holders! You can buy, sell or trade your Podcast NFTs at any point in the chain. We will collect a lot of great prizes for people at different levels of the leaderboard. Don’t worry if you don’t win – Series 1 of these podcasts isn’t the end of the road for NFT!

Communities are primarily decided by The Writers Room’s community voting for their best picks. However, we have some bonus episodes where spots can be earned in other ways.

We have some incredible communities that have already committed (if voted) to be a part of this and we are so excited to have them for the Writers Room! You can expect the vote in the Writers Room in the coming weeks.

There will be a total of 8 episodes, which are distributed as follows:

  • Episode 1: The Apes/Mutants in a neutral location (Note: this episode is not set within BAYC, but we will be licensing the apps/mutants directly from the holders). Unlike B&D, we have not entered into an agreement with Yug Labs to use their IE.
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It is not voted on. We will include monkeys/mutants. We would like to give the people who have licensed B&D the chance to duplicate their characters.

  • Episodes 2–6: Communities as Voted by the Writers Room. All voice communities have already signed an agreement with us, allowing us to place an episode in their world and use their names, logos and key knowledge elements.
  • Episode 7: Anyone Can ‘Create a Character’ for offering his support and helping Jenkins find Good Boy. We’re having a contest to see which community develops the most character. We’ll be contacting the winning community to sign an agreement to play an entire episode in their world.
  • Episode 8: Anyone who has commercial rights to a character created on our platform can license a ‘Hodgepodge’ episode. It features a variety of characters in a neutral location created by our writers.

breakdown of podcast episodes

There is no podcast without characters, and no podcast without characters you! In the coming week we will be launching a new way for you to create characters on top of your NFT avatars. You can think of it as an advanced version of our original licensing platform. On this platform you can link your wallet, show us your NFT avatar and then we ask you to create a character based on that avatar. Next week we’ll be sharing over 100 different communities worthy of character building.

After some time has passed and everyone has had a chance to qualify, we will open licenses to Writers Room members. This will definitely be an improved version from last time. Writers Room members can quickly license their own characters with just a few clicks, and they can also shop for other people’s characters without having to send a message on Twitter or Discord. More about this below…

We also recognize that it can be challenging to use creativity to turn an NFT avatar into a character. For that reason, we’ll be sharing character building tips in the coming weeks, and we’ll even be hosting a dedicated Twitter space dedicated to character building tips straight from Hollywood!

Keep in mind that when Writers Room members are looking for characters, they can read the bios you’ve written for each of them, so you’ll need to think carefully about what you write. But don’t worry if you don’t feel the creative juices flowing the first time around, you can edit your character’s backstory at any time.

And by the way… maybe one day there will be more licensing opportunities besides this podcast and Tally Labs, so that the character you create today can have a great life of its own.

We’ve made many improvements to the licensing process since Bored & Dangerous and we’re excited to share it with you. While we enjoyed the chaos of the Writer’s Room discord before licensing kicked off, it will be more automated this time around. You don’t have to email and you don’t have to look for a partner offline.

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Once an eligible person is ‘created’ on the platform, they will be considered eligible for permit. Please note that possession of a Writers Room NFT or partnership with a Writers Room NFT holder is still required to be licensed. Holders of the Writer’s Room would be able to license their own characters or “shop” a list of characters they’ve created and decide who to partner with. The whole process is done in just a few clicks, without ever leaving our platform.

We believe this could be the future of licensing in the NFT space and we’re excited to roll it out to other creators in the future.

Like Bored & Dangerous, a percentage of the project’s net profit goes directly to licensors who contribute their IP to the work.

Sample license flow example

A full list of eligible communities will be announced in the coming weeks for our upcoming podcast. We will also pave the way for character building for all of these communities around that time. Stay tuned for an announcement on Twitter/Discord.

In addition, 12 communities have already signed agreements with us and are competing for the votes of our Writers Room members to get an episode in their universe. In the coming weeks, we’ll introduce them all and provide more details about each. Voting in the Writers’ Room on these communities will take place in early December and the results will be announced shortly thereafter.

We want to give everyone enough time to qualify for this holiday season, so licenses won’t open until January 2023, giving you plenty of time during the break.

So there are many aspects to podcast production, from script writing to voice acting casting, production and post-production. The visualization below shows the different steps we will go through; We are about to start Phase 2. Updates will be provided through our social media as progress is made in this production timeline.

different production stages

We are very excited to embark on this journey and believe this could be a “first” in space. Many communities will come together to tell this story and we will once again license thousands of characters to appear directly from holders.

Let’s find our sweet good boy!




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