JBL CrickBox, Shaker box to sprinkle powder on feeder insects

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The JBL CricketBox is a must-have for any reptile or amphibian hobbyist. This shaker box is specifically designed to make the dusting of feeder insects with supplements, such as calcium or vitamin D3, an easy and hassle-free process. Simply place your feeder insects in the box, add the desired supplement powder, and shake the box gently to coat the insects evenly. The JBL CricketBox is an efficient and cost-effective way to ensure your pets are getting the necessary nutrients for their overall health and wellbeing. Plus, its compact size makes it easy to store and transport, making it perfect for on-the-go feeding. Get your hands on the JBL CricketBox today, and give your pets the nutrition they need to thrive!

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From the manufacturer

Shaker box to sprinkle powder on feeder insects

Especially designed for reptiles and terrarium animals

Terrarium animals’ and reptiles’ tastes are very different. The right choice of food contributes to the well-being of the terrarium dwellers. Fresh high-value products, such as feeder animals and feeder insects, are part of a balanced diet, suited to their species. With the CrickBox it’s easy to dust your feeder animals with the right amount of minerals.

Advantages at a glance: Improvement of the nutritional value of food insects Calcium-based mineral powder, Vitamins etc. Clean, simple, practical

Green food granules based on minerals and vitamins Food sticks made from purely vegetable raw materials Dried shrimps and gammarus Small crustaceans sieved and cleaned with vitamin supplement Powder based on vitamins and essential trace elements Balanced complete feed for improved nutritional values

Terrestrial turtles Terrestrial turtles Marsh turtles and water turtles from 10 to 50 cm Young water turtles Made from insects, leaves and fruits Crickets and insects

Net spawning box for separating juvenile fish Energy-efficient internal filter for aquariums with 90 -160 l Pane-cleaning magnet for aquarium panes up to 10 mm glass strength Remedy against white spot disease External filter for aquariums from 90 to 300 l Fertiliser tablets with minerals for soil care for aquarium plants

Usable as spawning box in combination with coarse filter wool to isolate juvenile, sick or aggressive fish Mechanical and biological filtering of aquarium water Convenient and effective cleaning of aquarium panes: glass cleaning magnet with floating internal element Quick and reliable help: remedy to treat white spot disease and fungal infections Mechanical and biological filtering of aquarium water Add tablets every 2 weeks for vigorous plant growth

Suitable for
Fresh- and saltwater Fresh- and saltwater Fresh- and saltwater Garden pond Fresh- and saltwater Freshwater aquariums

Improves the nutritional value of feeder insects: shaker container to sprinkle powder on feeder insects
Clean, easy and comfortable.
High-quality ingredients, feed formulation created by practical research, no processing of cheap fishmeal
Contents: shaker box to sprinkle powder on feeder insects, CrickBox.



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