Jake Roberts: ‘Without me there is no Undertaker. Without me there is no Steve Austin. I even helped Shawn Michaels’

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Roberts shared a story about him in Undertaker when Undertaker first came to the WWF:

Strip club. Indianapolis. We drove like crazy to get there and you had to call the last time. It was just something you had to do. As we get closer, he says, “Man, you really feel like going. I said, ‘I know that girl over there, you know, and she’s quite an artist.’ He said, ‘What do you mean? I said, “Well, she doesn’t like boys.” He says, ‘Oh my god, you’re kidding? That’s so weird because I have a girl she doesn’t like and she’s in Indianapolis.” We drove like hell to get there and drove 100 miles an hour because we had all these thoughts going through our heads. Shame on you, Jake. We get there and we go. We made it. It is about 20 minutes before the last call. We look around us. I went, ‘Oh, man. There’s my girl.’ Really? Okay. “Oh, wait, wait, wait. There’s my girl.’ All of a sudden we’re both in front of the same girl.”

“He first came up to me when he first got there and he said, ‘Jake, I’ll ride with you.’ I’m like, “Well, that’s kinda daring. I’m like, ‘Okay, so you want to get under the learning tree? I mean, I appreciate you being bold enough to come up to me and tell me straight Hey, man, I love to share everything I know.” He says, ‘That’s great too, but I’ve heard you know where all the good comic strip connections are.’ I said, ‘Worldwide.’ He said, “Well, I want to stay with you.” I said, “Let’s face it. You were playing basketball. You’d probably be better off dribbling in a corner somewhere than trying to stay with me, because I’m burying your fool. You can’t stay with me.” It’s a challenge I’ll see you one by one Okay let’s go So we did that for about two months but it took a heavy toll on him I remember going to the TV one night and Vince said: “Hey Deadman. You don’t have to apply the paint tonight. You look good enough as it is. You need to fucking get away from Jake.” A week or two later someone told me and I don’t know if it’s true or not, well I know it’s true, but he had alcohol poisoning, then I ended the game and said, ‘Look, man, I’m playing “False. There’s no way I’ll lose to you, because I know there are vitamins you can take that will keep you going, no matter how much you drink.” I shared the information with him, which was not a good thing to do, because it was very addictive, and that was my fault.”

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Jake was credited with mentoring a number of talents early in their careers:

“Without me there is no Undertaker. Without me there is no Steve Austin. In fact I have helped Shawn Michaels as much as possible. Shawn has been in my car for some time. I am the one who said ‘Ladies and gentlemen, we have an urgent message. Shawn left the building” which is so cheap, so damn bullshit You know? But anyway the Road Warriors would never have happened without me because they were under my tutelage Yeah they would have made it in the end but they wouldn’t know what I taught him, and I enjoy teaching I love creating new characters Oh my god I had a character I wanted to do for Jim Neidhart and the deal would be he is called ‘The Mole’ and what happens is he refuses to come to the ring until they turn off the lights because it’s too bright It’s way too bright I can’t look It’s too bright Turn on the lights out and I’ll come out Of course if you turn off the lights he’ll come out and hit the damn guy. The lights come back on and he knocks the shit out of the man. He is the Mole.”

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