ITIY Aquarium Hang On Filter, 650L/H 8W Oil Film Remover Fish Tank Filter Silent Adjustable Water Flow Oxygenation Circulation Waterfall Wall Mounted Aquarium Filter For 100-200L Tank

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The ITIY Aquarium Hang On Filter is an exceptional filtration system designed to offer the perfect solution for aquarium enthusiasts struggling with water quality issues. Equipped with a powerful 650-liter per hour motor, this filter is capable of removing any oil film present in the water, ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment for your aquatic pets. The filter operates silently and comes with an adjustable water flow feature, allowing you to control the water movement in your tank. An added benefit of this filter is its excellent oxygenation and circulation capabilities, which ensures that your fish receive ample supply of oxygen while their tank water is appropriately circulated. The filter is also easy to install as it comes with a wall-mounted design, making it a perfect fit for tanks ranging between 100-200 liters. With this filter, you can maintain a clean and healthy aquarium environment, keeping your aquatic pets happy and healthy.

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Product Description

ITIY Aquarium Hang On Filter

Quiet Power Fish Tank FilterQuiet Power Fish Tank Filter

Product Details

Submersible Hanging filterSubmersible Hanging filter

Freshwater Saltwater Tank FilterFreshwater Saltwater Tank Filter

Replaceable Thickened Filter BoxReplaceable Thickened Filter Box

Adjustable Water Flow Rate

The adjustment knob is designed to adjust the water flow rate according to your needs.

Wider Water Outlet

Single outlet or double outlet are available, and the outlet has been widened to form a waterfall effect and increase oxygen at the same time.

Five-layer Filter Box

Five-layer filter box design, multi-layer activated carbon filtration, effectively remove oil film and purify water.

Product Details

retractable water inletretractable water inlet

Biochemical Wall Mounted Fish TankBiochemical Wall Mounted Fish Tank

Rotatable Surface Oil SkimmerRotatable Surface Oil Skimmer

Retractable Water Inlet

The retractable water inlet can be freely adjusted according to the height of the water surface.

Reusable Filter Box

The filter box can be reused, and it is recommended to replace the filter material once a month.

High-quality ABS Material

Made of high-quality ABS material, non-toxic and odorless, it will not harm your fish.

Product Structure

Silent Fish Tank FilterSilent Fish Tank Filter

1. External pump body 2. The clamshell 3. Water supply pipe 4. Filter plate 5. Water filling pipe 6. Alignment wheel

7. Bottom cover 8. Water network connector 9. Flower basket 10. Degreasing film buoy 11. Oil removal film seat 12. Oil film base bottom cover 13. Water leaf cover 14. Rotor 15.15 * 15 * 40 mm cotton 16. 20 * 17 * 75 mm cotton

Applicable Areas


suspension filtersuspension filter

seawater purificationseawater purification


Seawater purification

Fish tank filtration

Installation Method





1.Hang the filter block on the side of the fish tank.


2.Adjust the position wheel to make the hanging cylinder in the best and stable state. Make sure the water level is above the pump position.


3. Insert filter materials such as filter board and filter cotton.(Filter material recommended 15 days clean once or 60 days to replace the new. )




4.Add a small amount of water into the filter cylinder to soak the water through the pump, and then switch on the power supply to make the pump start working, the filter will pump the water tank in a few seconds to fill the cylinder, and return to the tank.


5.Cover the cylinder block cover plate to prevent water vapor from coming out.

🐟【Built-in Five-layer Filter Box】: The filter box of this filter is composed of biochemical filter cotton, activated carbon, ceramic ring, filter plate, and purification cotton, which can filter out impurities to the greatest extent and purify water, effectively remove oil film. Providing a clean and comfortable living environment to your lovely fish.
🐟【Noise-canceling and Silent】: The sound is less than 40 decibels, and it comes with a shock-absorbing support block, which reduces the vibration generated by the water pump and allows you to sleep peacefully.
🐟【Adjustable Water Flow】: The adjustment knob is designed to adjust the water flow rate according to your needs (the maximum water flow can reach 650L/H). At the same time, due to the telescopic water inlet pipe design , you can freely adjust it according to the height of the water level.
🐟【WARRANTY】: All products purchased from our company are guaranteed to keep in good repair for 180 days.If quality problems happen in guaranteed period, our company will maintain for free.



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