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It sounds like MJF can ‘cash in’ tonight and win the AEW World title


The winner of AEW’s various multi-person “Casino” competitions (Battle Royal or Ladder) has been given a shot at the highest title in their division. Up to this point in the company’s short history, the match they get for the World Championship, Women’s Championship or Tag Team Championship has been pre-booked and promoted. That is, it’s never been like WWE’s Money in the Bank concept, where the winner can “cash in” at any time of a show.

Until the corner turns AEW for Maxwell Jacob Friedman’s return to the company, at least.

The explanation seems to be that MJF negotiated the chip he won (or that Stokely Hathaway & The Firm, his stable on retainer won for him) to be something he can use anytime from any show. Friedman alluded to it during one of his interviews this week, and while… chat with Brandon Walker on rasslin’, Max’s boss confirmed that:

“Tonight on Wednesday night Dynamite Grand Slam, you will see many of the best stars there, and certainly MJF will be present in New York City looming over the championship picture since he returned to All Out and won the Casino Ladder Match meaning he is going to have a shot at the world title whenever he wants. I will approve that match.”

Later in the interview, Walker asks for clarification on this: “Can he just walk up to you like tonight and see, ‘I want a title match?’ How does that work?”

This is what he got:

“I think we can definitely make it happen at any time, in any approved event. In this day and age it’s definitely a world, you know, with live television, PPV events, all these opportunities. It’s exciting to have a ​​to have contender looming, and to have this big championship game tonight Dynamiteit’s certainly much more interesting to watch two of the best wrestlers in the world, Bryan Danielson vs. Jon Moxley, to have one-on-one for the World Championship, and to have a great wrestler like MJF in the background as a top contender with the right to fight for the title at any time – it’s right now a very interesting championship photo in AEW. ”

While I doubt MJF will rush in and hand the chip to an umpire, that sounds a lot like a certain green briefcase. Combine that with other TK comments like narrate Busted Open Radio he might “have a trick up his sleeve” for tonight’s show? It’s almost too obvious.

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Is Khan giving away the ending of tonight’s show, or is he just tickling us with possibilities? Will all future Casino chips be treated this way, or is this a special accommodation for MJF (and for the current circumstances)?

Stay tuned… see you tonight too Dynamitelive from Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York City.



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