IREENUO Aquarium Heater 200W, Fish Tank Heater for tropical with Protective Cover, Submersible Heater with Thermometer and Suction Cups for 0-100 Litre

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The IREENUO Aquarium Heater 200W is a perfect choice for those who keep fish in tropical aquariums. The heater comes with a protective cover that provides an extra layer of safety and prevents fish from coming into direct contact with the heating element. The submersible heater is designed to work in tanks ranging from 0-100 litres and features a built-in thermometer, making it easy to monitor the water temperature. The heater also includes suction cups, enabling you to securely attach it to the side of your tank. This will help to ensure that the heater remains in place throughout use. Whether you’re an experienced fish owner or just starting, the IREENUO Aquarium Heater 200W can help keep your fish healthy and happy.

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Product Description


IREENUO aquarium heater intelligent temperature control system brings your aquarium pets a safer experience!

How to set temperature:Place the heater rod inside the aquarium and keep fully submerged.Plug in power and you can see the red light indicator on.You can turn the button on the top of the heating wand to adjust it to the temperature you want. Temperature control range: 68-93℉/20℃-34℃.With a temperature sticker on the fish tank, you can keep an eye on the temperature changes.The heater begins to heat.




Freshwater & Saltwater

This adjustable Aquarium heaters is suitable for freshwater and saltwater aquariums, perfect for your pet turtles or fishes, like tropical.

Powerful suction cups

We have equipped the heating rods with 2 powerful suction cups that stick well to the side of the aquarium.

High thermal conductivity

The fish tank heater are equipped with nichrome wires with a stable heating power and have a high thermal conductivity.



Intelligent Temperature Control: Adjust the knob on the top of the fish tank heaters to set the temperature and heater for aquarium fish tank will heat the water in the tank to the set temperature.
Intelligent Automatic Heating: Temperature range of 68℉-93℉ (20℃-34℃). We offer our customers a sticker thermometer to check the water temperature at any time.
Use and Precautions: When cleaning fish tank heaters for tropical, please unplug the power 10 minutes in advance and wait for fish tank heater to cool before removing. Children or minors should be used under adult guidance or supervision. This aquarium heater 200w is suitable for 0-100 liters of water, both fresh and sea water. This aquarium heater 200w is suitable for 0-100 liters of water, both fresh and sea water.
Note: The internal pipe of our fish tank heater is made of glass, and foam is used in the packaging to prevent the product from breaking during transportation. If the product you receive is broken, please contact customer service for a refund or resend a new product. Also, please be careful not to bump the product vigorously during use to prevent it from breaking. Once the glass pipe cracks, please stop using it in time.



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