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Web3 enthusiasts are confident that NFT projects or platforms will continue to flourish as creators shape the direction of current technology to offer new and unique things. While there has been a lot of talk and speculation lately about NFTs and whether these digital assets are still worth investing in, blockchain technology remains attractive.

One NFT project in particular is making waves in the music industry. Infinity positions itself as a leading fan-centric music community, helping artists succeed independently and fans being their partners in driving success.

The first fan-first web3 platform for hip-hop, R&B and pop music

Created by music industry veterans, Infinity is a platform and marketplace for music NFTs. It allows fans to collaborate with new emerging artists and allows artists to showcase their work to new audiences. Infinity benefits artists and fans alike.

,The music industry is broken. Artists cannot pay rent. Fans are not rewarded for supporting new artists. Can’t there be more for all of us? Through Infinity’s platform of digital collectibles on our marketplace, artists find superfans and fans form partnerships with the artists they support.says Renata Loewenbraun, CEO and co-founder of Infinity.

This could be a game-changer for the music industry as it allows artists to monetize their music and get support directly from fans. The platform offers fans new ways to buy and experience new music while allowing artists to earn a decent income.

The team explains,Our dream is to help our artists succeed, and their fans feel a connection and reward like no other today.,

The platform is already attracting the attention of big names in the music industry. Infinity is backed by multi-platinum selling artists and producers, such as Havoc, one half of iconic New York rap group Mobb Deep, and Lord Finesse, a renowned New York hip-hop producer, DJ and recording artist.

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taste of what’s to come

Infinity will release its “Infinity First” NFT November 25, 2022The collection will feature the work of the first signed hip-hop artist, President Davao.

,We are proud to support Baltimore-based artist President Davao, a talented street poet with a quirky pop sensibility that appeals just as much as Tupac Shakur, who hails from the same region.commented COO and co-founder, Big Leaks. ,President Davao has worked very hard on his own for the past eight years and our goal is to help artists like him.,

President Davao is a well-known and emerging hip-hop artist with over 12.2 million views on YouTube. Infinity could pave the way for other artists like him to redefine the way music is consumed. Infinity’s business model of using Web3’s technology to improve artists’ lives and provide more value to loyal fans will undoubtedly have a huge impact on the music industry.

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