Ilja Dragunov joins the NXT Main Event scene to close the September 20 episode



An NXT UK star is back and just appeared on the main event scene of WWE NXT!

As the NXT UK and NXT crossover continues, Tyler Bett takes on JD McDonagh to determine who will go on to face Braun Breaker for the WWE NXT Championship.

With Braun Brecker on commentary for the big fight, the crowd was behind the thrilling match, even chanting “Fight forever”.

After a hard-hitting affair in which both men put it all on the line, it was ultimately JD McDonagh who emerged victorious.

As Breaker vs McDonagh 2 was being set up in the ring, a familiar face came to the fore in McDonagh’s concern.

At a post-match angle, the return of former champion Ilja Dragunov went into the ring.

The show ended as all three men stood in the center of the ring, especially in the presence of JD!

Ilja Dragunov was the most recent NXT UK Champion, but was forced to relinquish the title due to an injury in July.

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