‘I don’t trust the boy’


Eddie Kingston isn’t the biggest fan of standing on the same side of the ring with an old wrestling opponent on this week’s edition of “AEW Dynamite” as “Blood and Guts.” Kingston spoke with Michigan Live Ahead of “Dynamite” in Detroit and this Wednesday Jericho stepped into the cage for a brutal fight against the Appreciation Society.

“You won’t see me coming over the cage,” said Kingston. “I’m gonna use the cage as a weapon. I’m going to kick, I’m going to punch, I’m going to bite. I’m going to try to leave you.”

“It’s called ‘blood and guts’ for a reason. Will there be blood? Most likely. Dare? You know, we’re about to spill our guts in front of you all. It’s just a violent place (the cage) and Detroit is a violent city, so it’s perfect.

Kingston has a big score to settle with Chris Jericho, but a new wrinkle is added to their feud with the surprise addition of Claudio Castagnoli. Castagnoli was Brian Danielson’s hand-picked opponent for Zack Saber Jr at the Forbidden Door, and the Swiss Superman won. Castagnoli later showed up for the save after clearing JAS’s house, trying to disrupt Jon Moxley’s interim world title win. This led to a brief post-show confrontation between him and Kingston. Castagnoli is not only a member of Blackpool Combat Club, but will also be in a Blood & Guts match with Kingston, who has made his feelings about teaming up with his former arch-enemy completely clear.

“Of course I didn’t like it. I don’t trust the guy,” Kingston said. “And people who want to say whatever they want about me say I’m a hothead and I just don’t let things go. I just know that when I see bad guys, I call her on it.” I like to do.”

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Kingston and Castagnoli feud dates back more than 15 years – they first met in tag team action at IWA Mid-South in 2004, fought in both Ring of Honor and Combat Zone Wrestling throughout the decade, and in a bitter feud at Chikara They were engaged, which culminated in 2011, when Castagnoli was signed by WWE. Castagnoli was an established heel at CHIKARA, as he was a member of the BDK (BrĂĽderschaft des Creuses), while Kingston was the top babyface in the promotion. When it was revealed that Castagnoli was no longer with WWE, Kingston expressed his distaste for his nemesis on Twitter, stating that “he doesn’t have the balls to come to AEW.” Kingston hasn’t been Danielson’s biggest fan over the years, and American Dragon choosing Castagnoli as their replacement won’t do him any favors with the Mad King.

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