hygger Aquarium Heater, Digital Display Mini Submersible Fish Tank Heater(50W),Fast Heating Thermostat with External Controller and Built-in Thermometer Heater for 1-25L Small Fish Tank

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The Hygger Aquarium Heater is a perfect solution for fish enthusiasts who are looking for an efficient and compact heating system for their small fish tanks of up to 25 liters. With its digital display, users can easily adjust the temperature of their aquarium water in a matter of seconds. This mini submersible fish tank heater features a fast heating thermostat and an external controller, which allow users to monitor and control the heating process with ease. Additionally, the built-in thermometer makes it easy to keep track of the temperature of the water at all times. Its 50W power ensures accurate and fast heating, so your fish can enjoy the ideal water temperature they need to stay comfortable and healthy. If you are looking for a convenient and reliable heater for your small fish tank, the Hygger Aquarium Heater is definitely worth considering.

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Product Description

220-240 V / 50HZ 220-240 V / 50HZ 220-240 V / 50HZ 220-240 V / 50HZ

Material of heating tube
explosion-proof quartz explosion-proof quartz explosion-proof quartz explosion-proof quartz

Adjustable temperature
17°C-34°C 17°C-34°C 21°C-34°C 21°C-34°C

Temperature accuracy
士l℃ 士l℃ ±0.1℃ ±0.1℃

Length of power cable
150cm 150cm 150cm 150cm

Heater size
16*13*5cm 16*13*5cm ‎29.8 x 19.8 x 8.4 cm ‎30.1 x 19.8 x 9 cm

Fit for aquarium
1-25L 25-50L 225-450L 450-680L

aquarium heateraquarium heater

Hygger Fish Tank Heater

1)This aquarium heater diving heater has the memory function when power failure, and automatically closes when there is no water, so it is safe to use. Automatically stop heating when the water temperature is higher than 35℃.

2)The fish tank heater is designed with external temperature controller for convenient temperature setting. Built-in thermometer, sensitive in water. In addition, the small aquarium heater has an Led digital display on the outside showing water temperature and temperature.

fish tank heater small aquariumfish tank heater small aquarium

How to use the temperature setting?

1)Place the adjustable aquarium heater completely in the water and wait for about 10 seconds for the LED light to show the exact water temperature. Then you can set the water temperature.

2)Press the Settings button on the controller repeatedly and the LED number will cycle from 17°C to 34°C. When you get the number you want, stop and wait for the LED to blink 3 times.

3)After setting the temperature, the LED will display the water temperature during the heating time.

4)The heater begins to heat.

small aquarium heatersmall aquarium heater

water fish tank heaterwater fish tank heater

fish heaterfish heater

Auto Shut Off When Out of Water

When the tank heater top is out of water, it will stop heating, the led displaying E1, it means you should put the heater fully submerged.It will work normally again when the fish heater is fully in water again, it has memory function, no need extra setting.

Use Directions

Keep the heater fully submerged in water.Don’t bury the heater under substrates such as gravels or sands.Keep the external temp controller away form water.Don’t take the heater out of water directly when it’s heating.Keep water circulation as far as possible.

Product Features Design

The plastic cover of the mini aquarium heater has a gap, the width is about 6-7mm,there is no need to worry about fish being stuck or burned. Can protect your baby turtles and fish from getting burned.

aquarium heater 50waquarium heater 50w

For freshwater or saltwater aquariums

1)A compact black fish tank heater, easy to be hide in tank. With 2 strong suction cups on the backside, the heater will firmly stick on to the tank, no turtles or fish can push the heater out of water.

2)This heater for aquarium fish tank with quartz glass heater tube, durable for use in freshwater and saltwater.

aquarium heater 100waquarium heater 100w

【External Controller】Easily set the temperature on the controller, high precision temperature control system, can set the temperature range of 17-34℃. Each time you set the temperature, simply press the button repeatedly until it reaches your desired temperature, then stop, wait for the number to blink 3 times, and then the setting is complete. Once the temperature is set, the tank heater will heat the water to the set temperature, and then automatically stop heating, no need to operate.
【Digital Temperature Display】There is an LED display in the middle of the front of the aquarium heater, which can display the water temperature and set temperature in real time. When the adjustment button is pressed, the temperature flashes to display the set temperature. When the temperature setting is complete, the LED will always show the water temperature. Only when you press down on the controller will the LED display the set temperature number.
【Double Safety Protection】This is an automatic heater for aquarium fish tank, with water level sensor device, automatically stop heating after water. After completing the temperature settings, you can rest assured that it will keep the tank water at the temperature you set. When the actual water temperature is higher than 35℃, the aquarium heater digital automatically starts overheating protection and stops heating.
【Safety Control Protection】Please note: this fish tank heater small aquarium is a fully submersible aquarium freshwater and saltwater heater. When the top of the water heater comes out of the water, it will turn off automatically, and the LED shows E1. When the water comes out of the water, it will automatically return to normal operation.(Keep the controller away from water, it’s not waterproof)



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