hygger Aquarium Heater, 800W Submersible Fish Tank Heater with Intelligent LED Digital Display Thermostat Controller, for 454-680L Freshwater Saltwater Tank

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Are you looking for an efficient way to heat your aquarium? Look no further than the Hygger Aquarium Heater! This 800W submersible fish tank heater comes with an intelligent LED digital display thermostat controller, making it perfect for tanks ranging from 454-680L. It’s great for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums, and the adjustable temperature control makes it easy to maintain the perfect environment for your aquatic friends. With its durable construction and long-lasting performance, the Hygger Aquarium Heater is sure to provide your tank with the perfect temperature for years to come.

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Product Description

aquarium heateraquarium heater

fish tank heaterfish tank heater

digital heater aquariumdigital heater aquarium

aquarium digital heateraquarium digital heater

hygger Aquarium Heater can fully convert electric energy into heat energy, saving energy and safety.The red and green indicators show the working status.Three-digit digital display, accurate to 1 °C, easy to grasp the temperature value.

Over-temperature protection system, when the temperature in the tank is over 34℃ will stop heating, to avoid fish from boiling fish due to high temperature.High temperature warning: the water temp exceeds about 35 °F, flashing 35 number code, red and green light flash together.Heater temperature ranges from 59℉(20℃) to a max of 93℉(34℃).

After the water evaporates, the heater is exposed to the water surface, it will automatically cut off the electricity. Displays ER error codes to draw your attention.Fully submersible: Please note, the heater should be fully submerged in water to work properly.

fish tank heaterfish tank heater

pond heaterpond heater

pond heaterspond heaters

The upgrade is increased to 3 temperature probes, the detection is more sensitive and safe, prevents the single or double temperature probe from being damaged and causing no heating or over temperature.

Removable case for easy daily cleaning.Can be used for freshwater & saltwater tanks.

Heating material: nickel-chromium heating wire + explosion-proof quartz glass, fast heating, variable frequency and energy-saving.The outer casing is made of ABS material, which and can withstand certain gravity, effectively preventing damage caused by fish, not easy to deform.

aquarium heater and thermometeraquarium heater and thermometer

saltwater aquarium heatersaltwater aquarium heater

aquarium heatersaquarium heaters

External controller, set without wet hands, simple and easy to operate.Every press changes the set temperature by 1 ℃.

UK plug, prevent electric leakage and electric shock.

Two strong suction cup bracket, can stably fix the heater in every corner of the fish tank.

75W 150W 300W 500W 800W 1200W

AC 220-240V/50Hz AC 220-240V/50Hz AC 220-240V/50Hz AC 220-240V/50Hz AC 220-240V/50Hz AC 220-240V/50Hz

Cord Length
1m+1.5m 1m+1.5m 1m+1.5m 1m+1.5m 1m+1.5m 1m+1.5m

5~15 Gal (25-60L 10~30Gal (37-115L) 30~80Gal (115~300L) 60~120Gal (227-450L) 120~180Gal (454-680L) 160~237Gal (600-900L)

Temp Accuracy
±1℉(±1℃) ±1℉(±1℃) ±1℉(±1℃) ±1℉(±1℃) ±1℉(±1℃) ±1℉(±1℃)

Control Range
59-93℉(20-34℃) 59-93℉(20-34℃) 59-93℉(20-34℃) 59-93℉(20-34℃) 59-93℉(20-34℃) 59-93℉(20-34℃)

Heater Rod Dimension
2.8*1*4.2″(7*2.5*10.7CM) 2.8*1*4.2″(7*2.5*10.7CM) 3.4*1.2*9″(8.6*3*22.9CM) 3.4*1.2*9″(8.6*3*22.9CM) 3.4*1.2*11.4″(8.6*3*29CM) 3.4*1.2*11.4″(8.6*3*29CM)

🐟FREQUENCY ENERGY-SAVING: Auto reduces power when approaching the set tempe, by heated at 10% to 30% power, fully utilizes thermal energy inertia to smoothly reach the set tempe, saving energy. The external controller is easy to operation, every press changes the set tempe by 1℃, ranges from 59℉(20℃) to a max of 93℉(34℃) in order to meet your needs.
🐟INTELLIGENT THERMOSTAT: Over-temperature protection prevents “cooking fish”. When the water temp exceeds about 35℃, flashing 35 number code, red and green light flash together; and over 34℃, the fish tank heater will stop heating automatically. When the water temp cool down to below 34℃, the pond heater will start working auto.
🐟ANTI-DRY PROTECTION: Intelligent temp sensing, when the aquarium heaters is exposed to air, display ER fault code and the heater will shut off automatically. When the heating rod is completely immersed in water, it will start working automatically. Effectively extend the service life. It has a power-off memory function and no need to set it again.
🐟STRONG SAFETY PERFORMANCE: Build-in intelligent LED digital temperature display. Built-in three temperature probe, real-time monitoring of water temperature, temperature accuracy of ± 1 ℃. Strong suction cup bracket, can stably fix the heater in every corner of the fish tank. Suitable for freshwater and saltwater.



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