Hulk Hogan’s shocking heel in WCW led to Ted Turner’s company shutting down its phone lines


Hulk Hogan was the most legendary wrestler of all time. Truly, Hulkster was a wrestler who made a significant contribution to the sport and helped pro wrestling become more well-known. In terms of popularity among wrestlers, Hogan tops the list. Recently on the DDP Snake Pit podcast, Diamond Dallas Page and Jake The Snake discussed a match where Hogan turned heel.

For wrestling fans, it’s a historic moment when WCW was dropped for Scott Hall and Kevin Nash during the WCW Bash at the Beach. Hogan was the major figure and Babyface right now. He turned to heel, however, after dropping three-legged punches on Savage.

Recently on the DDP, sharing the incident, said, “When that happened, NWO things happened. And Hulk came out there and you know you’re gonna pop when he came out there. You think he’s going to come out and save the day. But when that sum flipped, and he dropped that leg on Randy, poor Randy in this scenario, but sure, look where Randy went just a year later.

He added, “Because what we ended up doing was magic, but when Hulk Hogan did that, the letter and he showed what a big baby face he was. Even though he was like, ‘ah, the red and yellow, it gets old. What you do, you rocked. When he returned the phones to Turner, the broadcast was stopped. [23:53-24:40]”

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WCW experienced much hostility and outrage following the betrayal. Also, his trick eventually led to the promotion turning off his phone. It shows Hogan’s popularity and the effect he had on the fans.

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Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage’s relationship evolved over time

The two former members of the Mega Powers stable tag team have a very long history of strained relationships. When the “Macho Man” discovered that Elizabeth, his ex-wife, could have spent the night with the Hulk, he acted on it.

The two men finally gave up on their rivalry and put the past behind them. Notably, they were two of the mainstays of the game who made substantial contributions. Notably, Hulk Hogan presented Savage with a WWE Hall of Fame induction at the 2015 class ceremony.

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