How much control does WWE have over William Regal’s ring name?


Shakespeare once asked “What’s in a name?” The answer, if you are in the entertainment industry, is a lot of paperwork.

William Regal “asked and answered” episode of his Gentleman Villain podcastIn which he was asked about the ownership of his long-standing ring name, and his answer was very simple: “I own the name.”

Regal, real name Darren Matthews, says he never asked for it, but the back page of his contract with WWE always contains “names I owned”, noting that his names are Lord Steven Regal, William Regal and a have pairs. Others he used while wrestling in England. “I don’t know why they were there,” Regal continued, “I never asked them and they were over there.”

Regal said that he has an “admiration” for Vince McMahon and everything he has done for him, and that “if Mr. McMahon had asked me not to use it, I would not have used it.” does.”

Regal said, “If I had to wrestle, the only thing WWE had was copyrights in the US and Europe.” “They could have stopped wrestling me as ‘William Regal’ if they wanted, but I don’t wrestle anymore.”

Regal was released from WWE in January of this year, and has since debuted at AEW as a coach and mentor to Brian Danielson, Jon Moxley, Wheeler Utah and latest addition Claudio Castagnoli. Regal’s last match was in 2013, losing to Castagnoli himself in “NXT”.

According to Regal, he has such respect and admiration for McMahon that if McMahon asked him to stop using the name William Regal today, WWE would have greatly helped the former WWE Intercontinental Champion fight with sobriety, as well as Regal. Considering the completion of 21 years of Under the name “Good Publicity”, Regal will accept. “But he never asked.”

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