HOMIDEC Dog Pen, 8 Panel Puppy Pen with Door, High 80cm Indoor/Outdoor Pet Exercise Playpen, Portable Foldable Animal Run Enclosures for Dogs, Puppies, Cats, Rabbits and Other Animals (Silvery)

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If you are looking for a secure and comfortable environment for your pet, the HOMIDEC Dog Pen is the perfect choice. This 8-panel puppy pen is 80cm high, making it ideal for indoor or outdoor use. It is also foldable and portable, so you can easily move it to different locations. The panels are made of durable steel, and the door is easy to open and close. Your pet will have plenty of room to run and play in this spacious enclosure. The HOMIDEC Dog Pen is suitable for dogs, puppies, cats, rabbits, and other animals, and comes in a stylish silvery color. With its sturdy construction and secure design, you can be sure that your pet is safe and secure in this pen.

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Price: £74.99 - £69.99
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Product Description

dog fencedog fence

Homidec has been working on it.

We are a fashion home brand, committed to bringing you better quality home products. As human companion animals, dogs have always been the most loyal and intimate companions of human beings. Homidec wants to provide pets with a full range of products and services, making your favorite pets healthier and more energetic, and bringing you more joy and happiness.

puppy cagepuppy cage

dog fencedog fence

puppy playpenpuppy playpen

dog playpendog playpen

dog pendog pen

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Guinea Pig

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2.🐇 Suitable for indoor use: each fence comes with scratch-resistant foot pads, so you won’t scratch the floor of your home when using it indoors. Indoors you can adapt the fence to the structure of your house. The octagonal arrangement allows for an area of up to 1.74m², which is perfect for taking care of your puppy at home, preventing your pet from damaging the furniture, etc.
3.🐱Suitable for outdoor use: The use of a high quality anti-rust coating to protect the steel structure of the fence helps to prevent rust and prolong its life, making the fence ideal for use in the yard. Each set of fencing can cover a maximum area of 6.99m² and can be customised to fit the size of the yard several sets of fencing will surround the yard can replace the role of a fence.
4. 🐥 Easy assembly without tools: using the rod connection, you simply insert the rod into the connection and assemble. Feel free to add or remove panels to arrange them in the shape you want. And the poles are easy to insert into the ground for greater stability and won’t collapse when the dog is leaning on them.
5. 🦆 Foldable for storage and portability: when you don’t need to use the enclosure, you can remove it and fold it for easy storage and transport to the camping site where you want to use it, etc.



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