Holibanna 2Pcs Birds Suet Cage Feeder Metal Suet Hanging Bird Feeder Stainless Steel Hanging Chicken Poultry Feeders Ball Birds Feeders for Travel Outdoor

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The Holibanna 2Pcs Birds Suet Cage Feeder is an excellent option for those looking to feed their feathered friends on the go. The metal suet hanging bird feeder is made of durable stainless steel, making it sturdy and resistant to wear and tear. With a capacity of a 200g ball, the feeder can provide enough food for your birds to keep them satisfied throughout the day. The design of the feeder makes it easy to hang in a tree or any other outdoor area. This feeder is not just ideal for birds, but also for hanging chicken and poultry feeders as well. This makes it an excellent addition to any garden, especially for those with avian pets or farms. The Holibanna 2Pcs Birds Suet Cage Feeder is an excellent investment for nature enthusiasts who want to attract a range of birds to their outdoor spaces.

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Price: £11.79
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– Size: 22. 50X8. 50X8. 50cm
– Color: As shown
– Material: Stainless steel

Package Including
2 x Bird poultry feeders

Bird Feeder, Hanging design, practical, could be easily hung in coop, keep vegetables fresh.
Chicken Fruit Vegetable Holder, The chicken veggies hanging feeder is made of stainless steel, sturdy and durable, anti rust and non deformation, can be applied for a long time.
Chicken Feeder Treat Ball, It will attract chickens and trigger their pecking behavior, good hen toy feeder to bring fun and reduce stress.
Stainless Steel Hanging Birds Feeder, The unique ball shape feeder is suitable for all the chicken and bird.



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