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The HappyPet Bird House is the perfect addition to any bird owner’s collection. Made from high-quality materials, this bird toy is designed to provide your feathered friend with hours of entertainment and stimulation. At its core, the Jingler Wood Bird Toy is a beautifully crafted wooden house complete with intricate details and ornate decorations. The inside of the house is filled with a jingling noise maker that will capture your bird’s attention and keep them entertained for hours on end. The ropes and chains attached to the bird toy make it easy to hang in your bird’s cage or flight, ensuring that they always have something fun and engaging to play with. Whether you’re looking for a new toy to keep your bird happy and active, or you’re simply looking for a way to enhance their living environment, the HappyPet Bird House is the perfect choice.

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The Bird House, Multi-Coloured Wooden Bird Toys

The Bird House is a Bird product brand under Happy Pet Ltd. The Bird House offers a range of birds products that are suitable from small to medium and medium to large sized birds. The range has something to offer to all types of birds. The products are made from natural materials so they are harmless to the birds and will give your pet hours of playtime.

The Bird HouseThe Bird House

The Bird HouseThe Bird House

The Bird HouseThe Bird House

The Bird HouseThe Bird House


Helps keep bird’s beaks trimShredding wood keeps birds occupiedEncourages natural chewing


Helps to distract from unwanted feather pickingHides treats between the chimes, to encourage nibblingLovely silencing noise, to help keep birds content


Helps to keep your bird’s beaks trimUnraveling rope keeps birds occupiedHelps to distract from unwanted feather picking


Birds enjoy creating soundBirds will choose when they want to sound the bellHelps to create independent playtime


Lovebirds Facts – Did you know….

A lovebird can have a lifespan of up to 20 yearsLovebirds might be small but they are bold, inquisitive, curious and always on the goLovebirds are a chatty bunch, singing and whistling all day long, they are particularly vocal at dawn and duskA lovebird loves to exercise and requires a large cage


Cockatiel Facts – Did you know….

A cockatiel can have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years, dependable on their diet and lifestyleThe face of the male is yellow or white, while the face of the female is primarily grey or light greyCockatiels are social birds, they can become overly attached to their owners if raised youngA cockatiel is known to be a vocal bird, can be taught to sing specific melodies and speak many words and phrases


Parrot Facts – Did you know….

Parrots can live over 80 yearsA parrot is known for picking up sounds and mimicking voicesParrots like to interact with their owner, they love to be let free from their cages from time to timeChewing is natures way of keeping a parrots beak fit & trim, so parrots should be given; destructible chew toysParrots are quick to bond with their owners and they will also suss out their enemies


Budgie Facts – Did you know….

Budgies are among the most popular pet birds kept in the UKBudgies voices are small and gravelly, however they have an impressive ability to pick up on human words and phrasesBudgies may be relatively small birds but they have up to 3000 feathers across their bodiesBudgies are very social birds. They do well in small flocks. If you have a single budgie, give it a friend with a mirror. A budgie will talk to a mirror, chortle at it, and check up on it frequently










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About Happy Pet

Pet health, happiness and wellbeing is our passion and we make sure that every product we create is perfectly crafted and constructed to support the natural instincts and unique lifestyle of each animal.

Winning international acclaim as one of the most innovative companies in the pet industry, we design and manufacture over 2000 high quality pet toys, collars & leads, beds & housing, food & treats, grooming tools, clothing and travel accessories.

With over fifty years of international pet trade experience, we are privileged to work as commercial partners with leading pet retailers and distributors across the world. We reliably deliver our products to over 10,000 pet stores, online retailers, garden centres, DIY and grocery chains worldwide.

Ideal for all pet birds
Formulated using Non Toxic colours and dyes
100% Natural Wood



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