Google Cloud partners with Indian startup Supergaming to offer game engine to developers


Google Cloud has teamed up with SuperGaming to bring the Indian startup’s proprietary game engine, SuperPlatform, to developers around the world, the latest in a series of recent moves by the Android maker to shift focus in the gaming industry. enlarge.

The search giant’s cloud arm said on Thursday that, as part of its partnership, it will offer the Pune-headquartered startup’s gaming engine to developers around the world to streamline their live operations, matchmaking, player progress and data, analytics, server manage. scaling and management. Company. These tools are designed to help companies maintain, optimize and scale their game.

Upstart Supergaming, which uses its gaming engine for its own titles and official PAC-MAN games for mobile devices, has seen its mobile titles such as MaskedGun, Silly Royale and Tower Conquest reach millions of downloads. Hey.

SuperGaming initially developed the SuperPlatform to run its own games, and began licensing the service to other developers in 2019.

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Both companies are no strangers to each other. SuperGaming originally relied on AWS for its cloud needs, but switched to Google a few years ago after seeing the benefits, including “a significant amount of savings,” SuperGaming co-founder and CEO Robbie John told TechCrunch in an interview . Moved to Cloud.

John said the move set the wheels in motion for developers to make the platform available through Google Cloud as an independent software vendor. “I’m very excited to bring our platform to Google Cloud, which already powers 70% of our top customers,” he added.

Developers will continue to have the option to use the SuperPlatform on both AWS and Azure, though Google Cloud SuperGaming will take precedence as a result of the partnership, he said.

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Before talking about possible partnerships, John said that Supergaming is working closely with Google Cloud engineers to use the cloud platform for the upcoming battle royale game Indus. He said the teams from both sides exchanged insights that helped the collaboration happen very organically.

“The collaboration goes beyond just saying, okay, here’s the computers and the infrastructure and everything else. It’s about saying, how can we come together collectively and with a business purpose to succeed,” said Bikram Singh Bedi, Managing Director, Google Cloud India, during the joint interaction.

The duo did not disclose the financial terms of the deal.

Google Cloud competitors AWS and Azure provide native LiveOps solutions for game developers to run their games as a service and receive real-time telemetry. However, Google Cloud uses Supergaming’s expertise – along with its platform – to provide some exclusivity.

“It’s always about the developers, or it’s about the players. And through this partnership, we can influence both,” Bedi said.

Supergaming, whose investors include US-based Skycatcher, Tokyo’s Akatsuki Entertainment Technology Fund and Ant Group-backed BAS Capital, has raised $6.8 million so far, including $5.5 million through a Series A round last year.

The startup also launched TowerConquest: Metaverse Edition as its free-to-earning Web3 game, which it says will also run on Google Cloud — alongside existing titles and upcoming Indus.




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