Gekufa Guinea Pig Fleece Cage Liner, Washable Puppy Pads Reusable 47” x 24” Highly Absorbent Non-Slip Guinea Pig Bedding with Cleaning Tool for Guinea Pig Puppies Small Animals

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If you’re looking for a comfortable and safe bedding for your guinea pig, Gekufa Guinea Pig Fleece Cage Liner is the perfect solution. This washable and reusable bedding is highly absorbent, providing a comfortable and dry place for your pet to sleep. It is also non-slip, so it won’t shift around and create an unsafe environment. The liner measures 47” x 24”, making it perfect for all types of small animals. Plus, it comes with a cleaning tool so you can easily keep your pet’s bedding clean and fresh. With Gekufa Guinea Pig Fleece Cage Liner, you can give your pet the best bedding experience possible.

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Function :
Start saving time and money today, while giving your furry friends a cleaner, more comfortable home!

This guinea pig cage liner is a washable, reusable, absorbent ‘pad’. Made of soft, very short fleece on top layer, a super absorbent layer in the middle, and a leakproof and non-slip bottom, these pads are designed to absorb urine from the top down to keep the surface dry and comfortable, and stop any liquids from leaking through the bottom.

No need for a tray or extra bottom layers, simply place it inside the cage on top of the canvas lining.

It actually helps to care about the well-being of both you and your furry friends. A “must have” if you want to save money and get rid of messy disposable bedding. Maintaining instructions :
1.Daily: Sweep hay and droppings and use a vacuum cleaner or sticky roller to get up any hair from the surface.
2.Weekly or every few days: Wash in the washing machine. Just use the detergent that you normally use for washing. We recommend that you add some white vinegar to the wash.

🐹 【Designed for Cages】 Guinea pig cage liners with size of 47” L x 24” W, suitable for most cage. You can also lay it directly on any other place, such as floor, sofa, table, convenient for you to get close and play with the animals.
🐹 【No leaking & Less Mess】 Anti-slip polyester & gel bottom, prevent liquid leakage and keep the cage dry, keep a dry and comfortable environment for guinea pigs.
🐹 【Easy to Clean】 Hand wash or machine wash, cleaning every 3-4 days, you can add vinegar as needed to help minimize odor. In addition, we are equipped with a cleaning brush and small dustpan. Please sweep the hay and droppings every day to keep the cage mats clean and hygienic.
🐹 【Multi-Purpose】 Suitable for almost all small animals, such as guinea pigs, rabbits, hedgehogs, hamsters, chinchillas, ferrets. Maintain a dry and clean living environment.



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