FYNIGO Self-Play 3 Ways Hanging Door Cat Mouse Toys for indoor Cats Kitten,Interactive Cat Mice Toys for Hunting Exercising Eliminating Boredom

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The FYNIGO Self-Play 3 Ways Hanging Door Cat Mouse Toys are a great way to keep your cat entertained indoors. These interactive toys are designed to mimic the movements of a real mouse, making them perfect for hunting and exercising. The toys hang from a door or other surface, allowing your cat to swipe and bat at them as they dangle enticingly. The design of these toys makes them perfect for both kittens and adult cats, as they provide a variety of play options for any level of skill. Additionally, these toys are an excellent way to eliminate boredom in your feline friend, which can help prevent destructive or undesirable behavior. Overall, the FYNIGO Self-Play 3 Ways Hanging Door Cat Mouse Toys are a must-have for any cat owner looking to promote their pet’s physical and mental health.

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Product Description

cat toyscat toys

*About FYNIGO*

FYNIGO is a brand which specializes in cat toys. Our team members also have cats, we have done a lot of research on cat habits, so the cat toys we developed have been loved by most cats. In the future, we will continue to research and develop, and strive to make more good toys to please your cat.

cat toyscat toys

FYNIGO Interactive Cat Toy

cat toyscat toys

cat toyscat toys

cat toyscat toys

Elastic Rope

Equipped with an elastic rope, so that the mouse will fly around when the cat is playing, which will further stimulate the cat’s desire to hunt


There are small stones inside the mouse, which will make a rustling sound when playing, attracting the cat’s attention and enhancing the interest in playing

Simulation Mouse

Simulated mouse design, high-quality plush fabric surface, let your cat awaken the instinct of catching mice

3 Ways of Suspension

cat toyscat toys

cat toyscat toys

cat toyscat toys

Elastic Clip

Triangular elastic clip with non-slip rubber sleeves on both ends of the clip, which can be firmly clipped to most sizes of door frames


High-quality strong suction suction cup, which can be adsorbed on smooth surfaces. Tips: it is recommended to add some water on the suction cups, so that the suction will be firmer

Sticky Hook

Strong sticky hooks can also stick to non-painted surfaces


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🐱Adjustable-Elastic: Using elastic rope, the length can also be adjusted through the device to adjust to the appropriate height, the mouse will be pulled by the cat and fly around, trying to catch but not being able to catch, it will make the cat crazy
🐱3 Ways to Hang: Clips, sticky hooks, suction cups, can be flexibly hung on doors, cat trees, door beams and any other place, not easy to fall off
🐱Simulation Appearance: Simulation mouse shape, soft surface, built-in small stones, will make rustling sound, arouse the most primitive instinct of catching mice
🐱Variety Toys: Not only the original mouse, but also any of your cat’s favorite toys can be tied to the free end of the rope, and it will be upgraded to a new toy immediately, very interesting



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