FYNIGO Cat Feather Toys,Interactive Cat Toys for Indoor Cats Adult Kitten,2 Retractable Cat Teaser Wand and 1 Cat Rainbow String Wand with 9 Refills and 2 Spare Hook(14 Pack)

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The FYNIGO Cat Feather Toys are the perfect interactive toys for indoor cats, including adult cats and kittens. This set includes two retractable cat teaser wands and one cat rainbow string wand, each with nine refills and two spare hooks, for a total of 14 pieces. These toys offer endless playtime and entertainment for your feline friends. The wands are lightweight and easy to use, encouraging your cats to run, jump, and pounce. The feathers and string are made of high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. These toys are a great way to stimulate your cat’s natural hunting instincts and keep them active and engaged.

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Product Description

cat toyscat toys

*About FYNIGO*

FYNIGO is a brand which specializes in cat toys. Our team members also have cats, we have done a lot of research on cat habits, so the cat toys we developed have been loved by most cats. In the future, we will continue to research and develop, and strive to make more good toys to please your cat.

cat toyscat toys

2023 Latest Upgrade Set

cat toyscat toys

cat toyscat toys

cat toyscat toys

cat toyscat toys

Most Popular Accessories

Contains 5 of the most popular worms and 4 natural feather refills

Upgrade Hook

The hook can be rotated 360 degrees, and the feathers will rotate with the air resistance during the swing, which is more attractive to cats

Worms Safety Upgrade

We also removed the eyes of the original worm to prevent the cat from accidentally swallowing it

2 Thoughtful Spare Hook

Considering that the hook may be broken after long-time use, we prepared 2 spare hook for you

cat toyscat toys

cat toyscat toys Sturdy and Durable

We upgraded the material of the rod from the original hollow plastic to solid PP material, First of all it’s transparent, it’s beautiful, and it’s more elastic and can’t be broken, and it’s more durable.

Contains One FYNIGO Original Cat Rainbow Stick

All for your cat’s happiness

The newly upgraded string is made of plush and skin-friendly fabric. bite resistant and the soft touch makes the cat like it more, and we have lengthened the length of the rope to 140cm. Let’s dance with your cat.

Little Bell: There is a small bell tied to the top of the pole, which will make a sound when waving to attract the cat’s attention, if you don’t need it, you can cut it off Colorful Colors: The funny cat teaser wand have seven different colors, like a rainbow, so that your cat will not be fatigued

cat toyscat toys

Good News! New Product Launched!

cat toyscat toys FYNIGO Cat Teaser Wand Toy Replacement Refills,Cat Feather Toy Accessories,5 Colorful Worms and 2 Natural Bird Feather Refills

The set contains 5 Worms and 2 feather refillsThere are bells on the worms, which can better attract the cat’s attention, and the feather refill is made of natural bird feathers, which is more natural and healthier For more information, please click the chart below

Under the Strong Request of Many Customers! Our New Product Listed!

Replacement Refill Set is Launched!

Many customers who buy our products have encountered this problem. The pole is good, but the refill is broken. It is wasteful to buy a new suit. So many customers hoping that we can sell the replacement refills set separately. After our research, we selected two styles with the best feedback from customers and combined them into this suit.


Cat Toys Cat Toys Cat Toys Cat Toys Cat Toys

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【Newly Upgraded Accessories Set】The upgraded cat toys set includes 9 pcs feather teaser refills, contains 5 of the most popular worms and 4 natural feather refills. We also removed the eyes of the original worm to prevent the cat from accidentally swallowing it. All of the refills have bells on it, which can increase cats’ interest
【Original Cat Rainbow Wand】The set also includes one of our original cat rainbow string wand, the string is made of extended plush skin-friendly material, the color is the cat’s favorite rainbow color, and the rod is made of solid PP material, which is elastic and won’t break. Come dance with your cat
【2 Thoughtful Spare Hook】Considering that the hook may be broken after long-time use, we prepared 2 spare hook for you
【Interactive and Exercising】This feather toy set is a great idea for your cat to exercise in play and keep agility and healthy. And a very good way to interact with your pets. Please note: please avoid pets using this product alone without people
【100% Quality Service】3 x Wand, 9 x Refills, 2 x Spare Hook in a Pack. If our products have any quality problems,please contact us at the first time, we will handle return or exchange of items immediately. Please note that since this set has just been upgraded, if you received our old set, please contact us and we offer a full refund



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