Fuel price latest: Gasoline and diesel looking good for December


indications are that there is one petrol Price increase in early December, but news about it and Diesel The front improves with each passing day.

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While it is still too early to accurately predict what will happen to petrol and diesel prices in December, the most recent data from the Central Energy Fund – such as November 23 Shows opposing symptoms.

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Fluctuating international product prices and the weakness of the rand show the following underreturns (price increases) for gasoline and overreturns (price reductions) for diesel:

fuel price change
gasoline 93 an increase of 52 cents per litre
Gasoline 95 an increase of 63 cents per litre
Diesel 0.05% a discount of 112 cents per litre
Diesel 0.005% a discount of 105 cents per litre
lit paraffin (bulk) 15 paise per liter discount

If this market condition continues for the remainder of November, then a Grow is scheduled for December petrol users between 52 and 63 cents, while Diesel Motorists can expect 105 to 112 cents per litre Shortage,

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The fuel price in Mzansi is influenced by two main factors:

1. International price of petroleum products, mainly driven by oil prices

2. The rand/dollar exchange rate used to purchase these products

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exchange rate

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The rand/dollar exchange rate is at the time of publication €16.94/$,

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price of oil

The global oil price has remained below $100 a barrel in recent months, but climbed above lows of around $83 a barrel in early October.

Brent crude oil price at time of publication $85.10 a ton.

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Final global price changes for both petrol and diesel will be confirmed in the coming weeks, with the new prices taking effect at midnight Tuesday Dec 6,

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Until then, easy on the accelerator, Mzansi.

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Current prices at pumps (domestic and coastal):

inland October November
93 gasoline € 22.06 €22.57
95 Gasoline r 22.36 22.87 €
0.05% diesel (bulk) r 24.06 €25.49
0.005% diesel (bulk) €24.31 25.75 €
lit paraffin 16.99 € 17.76 €
LPG (p/kg) R34.07 R33.09
coastal October November
93 gasoline €21.41 21.92 €
95 Gasoline €21.71 €22.22
0.05% diesel (bulk) €23.41 24.84 €
0.005% diesel (bulk) €23.67 R25.11
lit paraffin 16.20 € 16.97 €
LPG (p/kg) 31.66 € €30.68




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