FTX would still be a solution if ‘SBF was as good at running crypto exchanges as it is bribing the media’: Musk


  • Musk tweeted Wednesday that FTX would still be fine if the SBF leadership was as good as “bribing the media.”
  • He was responding to a tweet questioning whether the SBF would continue to fund certain media outlets.
  • Musk lashes out at the media after reports surfaced. SBF could still hold a stake in Twitter – and that’s Musk strongly denied,

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Twitter CEO Elon Musk has lashed out at the founder of FTX, claiming that if Sam Bankman-fried was as good at running the crypto exchange as he was at “bribing the media,” the crypto exchange would still be solvent .

He referred to the media’s FTX investments during his three years as CEO of Bankman-Fried, or SBF.

Musk made mockery Following an earlier complaint against the former CEO of the bankrupt crypto exchange Tweet It asked if the SBF could continue to fund media outlets after it filed for bankruptcy on November 11.

On November 12, Puck’s Teddy Slipper tweeted A list of media outlets that the SBF had previously funded – including Vox and Semaphore – and questioned whether the SBF would “continue funding media in the future”.

Billionaires also target media houses after reports surfaced that SBF may have a stake in Musk’s Twitter – Joe Musk strongly denied,

Musk said, “I didn’t take the money. SBF/FTX owns no stock in Twitter.” tweeted Wednesday.

Musk on the other hand protested That SBF is an investor in news publication Semaphore published the report for the first time on Tuesday.

Starting Wednesday, Musk and Ben SmithSemaphore’s editor-in-chief has taken to Twitter to make a fuss about the veracity of the report.

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oysters separately The New York Times condemned In front of Invite SBF to speak with journalist Andrew Ross Sorkin Next week at the New York Times DealBook Summit.

“Is this really still happening?” Musk tweeted and tagged The New York Times.

Musk and Smith did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.




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