Freddie Prinze Jr. will hold promo of top WWE star against MJF

Freddie Prinze Jr. will hold promo of top WWE star


Freddie Prinz Jr believes that MJF has some strong competition in WWE when it comes to mic skills.

Actor and former WWE creative writer The Most Recent Episode of His “Wrestling With Freddy” Podcast He believes that Kevin Owens has the claim to have the best promo in the business. Prinz Jr. drew a comparison between the two stars last week on WWE’s “Monday Night Raw” recap of Owens’ promo on The Austin Theory.

“She hit it off with a promo that I’d put everything MJF has done there over the past year and a half,” Prinz Jr. said. And now he’s done it twice in about a week.

Prinz Jr. praised Owens for being able to “talk s-” from Theory during his pre-match promo on “Raw”.

“I thought he was saying some real things there,” said Prinz Jr.

MJF has earned a reputation for being one of the best talkers and actors in the business, once earning praise from The New York Times in his “”.best performance of 2020Recap for a segment on AEW’s “Dynamite.”

But Prinz Jr. said that Owens has been under fire in recent weeks in a way that even MJF hasn’t, drawing on Owens’ recent momentum with the recent departure of former WWE chairman Vince McMahon from the company. has gone.

“I love Kevin Owens,” Prinz Jr. said. “While Vince was there, he would never get to cut promos like this, and even when Vince was there, Kevin had the best promos out of anyone on the network, period. “

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