Former WWE Champion takes on Kevin Durant after being asked to trade Brooklyn Nets


This surprised NBA fans when Kevin Durant recently requested his release from the Brooklyn Nets. Being one of the biggest names in the NBA, KD made himself available hours before the official start of the new league season.

According to ESPN’s website, Kevin Durant asked Brooklyn Nets owner Joe Tsai for a trade with the franchise on Thursday, as sources told ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, despite signing a maximum extension. of $198 million over four years in August.

This decision is for him to be at the next level of his career. However, Durant’s decision was not liked by some NBA fans who have long supported him in the Nets.

The former WWE Champion is one of those fans who didn’t like Durant’s decision. Also, he is famous for tweeting about This time the Iranian wrestler shared a tweet for Kevin Durant and .


As the story goes, The Iron Sheik always tweeted about what was going through his head. He is not in favor of Slim Reaper leaving. According to , the Phoenix Suns and are two of the teams that Durant has at the top of his list. While Durant requested his release, teammate Kyrie Irving opted to stay with the Nets for the foreseeable future.

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He went for his $36.5 million option with the team on Monday after receiving no signing and trade interest from teams other than the . Irving and Durant have had no contact with the Nets since the former opted for his deal on Monday.

Kevin Durant leads his own nWo group in the NBA

Kevin Durant is a wrestling fan and is a fan of the legendary WCW group nWo which later became . During a chat with Last Year, Kevin Durant opened up about how he had his own nWo in Brooklyn Nets with and Kyrie Irving.

When asked if Durant ever felt like leading the NBA’s NWO, he replied: “I do not do it”. “It looks like that, right? Our team wears black. And we kind of have three guys on the team that a lot of NBA fans don’t really like that much. It might seem like that. But I don’t think that we adopt this mentality.

He added, “I think we come in and operate on a fairly fluid, easy and reserved level. We’re just very skilled guys. But I guess [from] outer perception, it may seem so. But for us, we really like to play every day.

However, whichever team KD moves to, he’s sure to make a big splash. We can’t wait to see which team will sign Durant for next season.

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