Fluval FX Gravel Cleaner Kit,Black

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The Fluval FX Gravel Cleaner Kit is an essential tool for any aquarium owner. With its black color and sturdy construction, it can handle even the toughest cleaning jobs. The kit includes a powerful water change system that makes it easy to remove debris and waste from your aquarium. The gravel cleaner also has a handy primer button that quickly starts the siphon action, sucking up any unwanted particles from the substrate. The kit comes with a range of accessories including different-sized hoses, nozzles, and filters, allowing you to customize the cleaning process to suit your needs. Whether you’re a seasoned aquarist or a beginner, the Fluval FX Gravel Cleaner Kit is a must-have tool for keeping your aquarium clean and healthy.

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Fluval first entered the aquatic industry in 1975, when it introduced the first 3-stage filter with simultaneous motor technology, a historic breakthrough still being applied in the industry today. Since then, Fluval has forged a legacy around this pioneering spirit, continuously adapting to a changing environment to launch innovative aquarium products that remain at the forefront of technology and set the standard of quality, style, and functionality. Fluval’s mission is not only to create products that mimic the natural environment around us, but also to inspire watercolourists of all levels to enjoy and respect one of the most beloved hobbies for generations.

Types of products found in Fluval





AquaVAC+ Replacement Fine Filter Pad

Fluval AquaVAC+ Refill Fine Filter Pad (Pack of 5) retains even the finest dirt and gravel sediments, leaving water clear and crystal clear. Suitable for AquaVAC+ water changer and gravel cleaner (11064)

Ammonia Remover

Designed specifically for Fluval 07 external performance filters, the ammonia remover pads are the ideal chemical and mechanical medium in a practical and small size format.

Phosphate Remover

Resin anti-phosphate pads, designed specifically for Fluval FX external high-performance filters, have the dual function of ideal chemical and mechanical medium.

Nitrite Remover

The anti-nitrite pads with resin, designed specifically for Fluval FX high-performance cartridge filters, have the dual function of ideal chemical and mechanical medium.





Phosphate Eliminator

Fluval phosphate scavenger quickly removes excess phosphates, silicates and dissolved biological compounds to create a clean and healthy water.

Ammonia Eliminator

The Fluval Ammonia Eliminator is designed to neutralize toxic ammonia, a common problem for new, heavily populated and superfed aquariums. Ideal for treating emergency ammonia spikes

Gravel Cleaner FX Gravel Vac

The FX Gravel Vac connects quickly to all Fluval FX4 and FX6 (second generation) external filters for extremely comfortable cleaning with full power of FX filters.

Bio-Foam Pre-Filter

Bio-Foam, designed specifically for the performance cartridge filters of the Fluval FX4, FX5 and FX6, capture large particles and debris for efficient mechanical filtration.





Filter Foam Block

Bio-Foam, designed specifically for the performance cartridge filters of the Fluval 406/407, capture large particles and debris for efficient mechanical filtration.

Poly/Carb Cartridge U4

The Fluval polycarbonate cartridge has two exclusive filter sides that provide thorough and effective chemical filtration, the second crucial stage of the filtration process. The polyester side of the pad filters out fine debris and contaminants. Charcoal side filters harmful liquid substances, dyes and odors.

U3 and U4 Bio-Foam Foam Pad

Fluval U3 foam pad traps large particles and debris to achieve effective mechanical filtration, the crucial first stage of the filtration process. It is tailor-made to fit perfectly inside the filter chamber in order to prevent diversion of debris. Pad pore size allows for effective water flow, less clogging and lasting filtration.

Bag for gravel cleaner

When used with the Fluval FX gravel cleaner, the fine filter bag traps particles and debris effectively.


Submersible Heater

M series submersible heaters offer good performance, reliability and unique mirror technology to integrate into the environment. Available in several variants.

Integrated Filter housing with fine and super fine vacuum Bags (item # a372 and a373 – sold separately)
Thumb-operated flow control; gravel Guard prevents clogging
Vacuum head with grooved design for efficient debris Collection
For use in freshwater and Saltwater aquariums
The product is black with red and green pieces



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