Fish Tank Decorations, Buddha Statue Portable Aquarium Hideout Fish Tank, Decoration Landscaping Shelter Hiding Cave, 28.50X19.50X14.00cm

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The Fish Tank Decorations Buddha Statue Portable Aquarium Hideout Fish Tank is an excellent choice for anyone who loves to keep fish as pets. This decorative item enhances the aquarium’s landscape by adding an exotic touch to it. The sculpture is portably designed to fit in any fish tank, measuring 28.50X19.50X14.00cm in size. It provides a hiding cave for fish to retreat, relax or sleep, making the aquarium feel like a more natural environment. Not only does this decoration enhance the tank’s scenery, but it also provides a place of shelter and protection for the fish. The intricate design of the Buddha statue is loved by many fish enthusiasts, making it an incredible addition to your fish tank’s decoration. The Fish Tank Decorations Buddha Statue Portable Aquarium Hideout Fish Tank is ultimately an essential accessory to have when it comes to creating a peaceful and natural fish environment.

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Price: £19.99
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This item is manufactured with resin material for durable and long-lasting use without fading. It is an excellent and beautiful decoration for a fish tank or aquarium and safe to water, fish, and other living things.
The delicate workmanship makes it look life-like and vivid. It will bring a beautiful scene for your aquarium.

Material:Environmentally friendly Resin

Package including:
1 x Aquarium Ornament

【Hidden Cave】 This decor has holes that serve as caves that offers fish a feel of their natural and living environment where they can swim through, hide or play. This add more fun to their lives.
【Environmentally friendly materials】Made of resin material, which does not pollute water quality and can be used in fresh water and salt water fish tanks.
【Fine workmanship】Ensures its lifelike details and practicality.
【Size】27.5x18x10cm; product includes: 1 x aquarium ornaments.



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