Fish Breeding Box Large capacity Solation Hatchery Box Plastic Fish Hatchery Isolation Floating Box Transparen Baby Fish Protection Hatchery Aquarium Incubator with Suction Cups, 27 x 11.5cm

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The Fish Breeding Box with its large capacity and transparent design is the perfect tool for any fish enthusiast looking to breed their own fish. Its isolation hatchery box is ideal for separating new born baby fish from the rest of the population while still providing ample space for them to swim and grow. The plastic construction ensures durability and longevity while its floating design makes it easy to place in any aquarium. The Suction cups provide a solid grip on any smooth surface, keeping the hatchery in place and free of damage. With dimensions of 27 x 11.5cm, this incubator can accommodate a variety of fish species with ease. Protect your young and increase your fish population with the Fish Breeding Box today.

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Product name: Breeding Isolation Box
Color: Transparent
Material: acrylic
Quantity: 1Pcs
Size: 27×9.5×11.5 cm
Weight: 360g
1. Isolation of juvenile or sick fish.
2. Ornamental fish farming.
3. This product is self-floating and can effectively isolate tropical fish.
4. Convenient handles on both sides can move the incubator easily and smoothly.

Tips for fish farming
One: change the water
Switch a third of the week.
When you change the water, you can gather up the fish manure, add a new source of water to the bathtub, let the fish adjust to the new water, inhale fresh water, and change the water for a long time. With old water, it cannot adapt to new water.
Second: observation
When feeding the bait daily, pay attention to the condition of the fish – if the feed is reduced, swimming is slow, the group is piled up, or the water is above the oil, then the fish is in the initial state of disease.
Three: cleaning
Every time you feed the bait, the fish rob the food, which causes other bait to fall on the edge of the bathtub, build up over time, and the temperature in the bathtub is very high. Be healthy and be sure to scrub the edge of the bathtub if you change the water weekly.

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0.5mm gap: It is smaller than the gap of the roe board and can effectively ensure that the young fish will not be eaten by the big fish. Feed the fish easily and conveniently without opening the lid.
Raising for fish: It can be used as a spawning box for fish so that the eggs can hatch, other fish will not eat and the survival rate of the fry is improved
Transparent Isolation Box: With high transparency, you can see the fish in the box in a 360 ° view. At the same time, our suction cup uses brand new silica gel, which has good softness and quick air release, and thus has strong adsorption power.
Stable four-legged bracket: The W-shaped funnel does not float due to the buoyancy of the water pressure. The width of 3mm, the top is wide and the bottom is narrow, it is difficult for small fish to go back up.



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