Fierce fight from Smackdown to WWE Raw

WWE Stars Brawl After Raw Goes Off The Air (VIDEO)



Tonight’s edition of WWE Raw (November 7) began with a loud promo between the two teams, who are gearing up for a fight.

The Trading Passionate promo, The New Day and The Usos debuted on WWE Raw on November 7, 2022.

The Usos were the first to notice that they were on their way to becoming the longest-reigning Tag Team Champion in WWE history by defeating The New Day, The New Day arrived.

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods delivered a passionate promo about the pressures of being a first generation star.

Woods explained that his opportunities were created through his own harsh words, not family heirlooms.

Meanwhile, the Usose replies with a summary of the difficulty of being a legacy genius and the need to forge their own path while facing intense scrutiny from those closest to them.

Despite working extremely hard, the company is responding with a hysterical retort to pressure from being unsure of your position.

And then Matt Riddle appeared wearing a bongo, to invite everyone to “hit your bong.”

No, there really wasn’t much story about Riddle’s appearance, rather he likes New Day.

Eventually, after hitting his bongos, Riddle asked The New Day to team up and challenged The Usos and Solo Sequoia to a big six-man tag match.

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