Fhiny Outdoor Cat Enclosures, 6-in-1 Cat Tent with Tunnel for Outdoor Pets DIY in Multiple Ways Mesh Kitten Playpen Collapsible Compound Pet Play House for Outside Cats Dogs Rabbits Kitty Ferrets

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The Fhiny Outdoor Cat Enclosures are perfect for pet owners who want to give their furry friends a taste of the outdoors. The 6-in-1 Cat Tent comes with a tunnel that can be DIY-ed in multiple ways, giving your pet more space to move around and explore. The Mesh Kitten Playpen also serves as a great solution for outdoor pets, keeping them safe and secure while providing them with the opportunity to experience the natural environment. With a Collapsible Compound Pet Play House, your pet can enjoy the outside while remaining comfortable and cozy in their very own space. From outside cats and dogs to rabbits, kittys, and ferrets, the Fhiny Outdoor Cat Enclosures provide excellent options for pets of all kinds. With this product, pet owners can guarantee a safe and enjoyable experience for their furry companions.

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Price: £179.44
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Fhiny Cat Outside Enclosure, 6-in-1 foldable Portable pet Tent with tunnel for outside puppy rabbit Ferrets or other small animals.
Satisfy your pet’s curiosity about the outside world.  It is suitable for putting on the patio, the yard, and it can also be taken to the park.   It is foldable and very convenient.

There are dozens of DIY installation methods to form a variety of different looks for your cat to play with, perfect for outdoor activities.
Quick and easy instant play – pops up in a flash.
Made of durable, high quality nylon mesh, so you can keep an eye on your pet at all times.

Package Includes:
1×Hexagonal Cat Tent
1×Square Cat Tent
1×Teepee Cat Tent
3×Cat Tunnel
20×Fixed stake
1×Carry Bag
【The Design of Free Combination】 Each tent and tunnel is independent, you have more than 10 ways to assemble. High-quality cat outdoor playpen that allow your cats and dogs to roam freely, play and rest in tents and tunnels. There’s so much space, you can even add a portable litter box and bowls for food and water.
【What Will You Get 】1×Hexagon cat tent, 1×Square cat tent, 1×Triangular cat tent, 3×cat tunnels, 20×ground nails, 1×storage bag.
【Easy to Install】After unfolding, it can pop open immediately, you just need to arrange the shape a little, and then use the ground nails to fix it on the ground. Good choice for indoor and outdoor. Perfect for camping, gardens, patios, picnics, porches, barbeques or even the beach.
【Dimensions and Weight】Hexagon tent:23.6″L×27.5″H. Square tent:27.5″L×27.5″H. Triangular tent:30″W×49″H. Cat tunnel:45.7″L.



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