Ferplast Large Hamster Cage, Mouse Cage MULTIPLE HAMSTER LARGE, in Metal Mesh and Recycled Plastic, with Accessories, Modular, Black

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The Ferplast Large Hamster Cage is a great option for pet owners looking for a spacious and comfortable living space for their furry friends. This cage is designed to accommodate multiple hamsters or mice at once, making it a great choice for those with more than one pet. Made from sturdy metal mesh and recycled plastic, this cage is built to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. The cage comes with a range of accessories, including an exercise wheel, feeding bowl, and water bottle, ensuring that your pets have everything they need to thrive. The modular design of the cage also allows you to customize it to your pet’s needs, making it easy to add or remove sections as needed. And with its sleek black finish, this cage is sure to look great in any home.

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Price: £190.00
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About Ferplast

Officially, the Ferplast Company came into being in the hamlet called Costo di Arzignano in 1966, in a room of only 50 sq m and was located in a courtyard shared with private homes. We are an Italian Family Company succeeding in the difficult world of globalization. We are found of high-quality products therefore we follow every step of the production cycle, from the idea to its realization. We invest in Research and Innovation to offer our customers the most advanced solutions for a full, gratifying and responsible relationship between man and his pet.


The cage can be assembled in different ways to create the shape that best suits your space and the needs of the little guest. Solid and sturdy. It consists of several painted metal mesh panels with plastic base and walls, connection clips.

The transparent walls allow a complete view of the animal insideEasy to assemble, it does not require special tools for assemblyModular habitat for small rodents, hamsters and miceIdeal to home even more specimens togetherVery spacious and comfortable, on several floors

Modular habitat ideal even for several specimens. It can be assembled in several ways. In addition, it can be customized according to your needs thanks to the optional roof and base extension kits.
Opening roof for easy access. The deep and capacious base contains litter and dirt, can be filled with sawdust and allows the animal to burrow and hide. Connection clips included.
Cage prepared for the attachment of hamster tubes to other rodent cages or housing modules. Quick assembly without the need for special tools thanks to the special construction design.
Overall external dimensions: 107.5 x 37.5 x h 42 cm. Large living space: 0,52 square meters. Accessories included: 75 cc drinking bottle, 65 cc bowl, house, hamster wheel and tubes, shelves with ladders.



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