Ferplast Hamster Cage Criceti 9 Plastc Small Pet Cage Accessories Included, Cage For Hamster, 46 X 29,5 X H 23 Cm.

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Ferplast Hamster Cage Criceti 9 Plastc is an incredible small pet cage that offers a comfortable and spacious environment for your hamster to live in. With dimensions of 46 x 29.5 x H 23 cm, this cage is perfect for small pets such as hamsters. Furthermore, the cage comes with all the accessories needed to get you started, including a feeding bowl, water bottle, exercise wheel, and plastic shelves. The cage is made up of durable and high-quality materials that ensure that it lasts for a long time without any wear and tear. Thanks to its well-ventilated design, your furry friend can breathe easily and stay cool throughout the day. The Ferplast Hamster Cage Criceti 9 Plastc is an excellent choice for pet owners who want to provide their pets with a comfortable and safe living space.

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About Ferplast

Officially, the Ferplast Company came into being in the hamlet called Costo di Arzignano in 1966, in a room of only 50 sq m and was located in a courtyard shared with private homes. We are an Italian Family Company succeeding in the difficult world of globalization. We are found of high-quality products therefore we follow every step of the production cycle, from the idea to its realization. We invest in Research and Innovation to offer our customers the most advanced solutions for a full, gratifying and responsible relationship between man and his pet.

Ferplast Criceti 9 Hamster Cage

Criceti 9 is sufficiently spacious and offers our little rodent a comfortable home, thanks to its internal accessories. This cage comes complete with a nest, a feeding bowl, a drinking bottle and a wheel. The base can be detached from the mesh top, making cleaning easy.

1.) Plastic base with wire net structure

2.) Removable base for easy cleaning

3.) Complete with accessories

Easy to clean thanks to the ability to completely separate the bottom from the wire mesh upper part
Small door on the roof, equipped with safety hook, useful for daily maintenance operations
Accessories included: a plastic bowl for food, a drinking bottle for water, a nest-house to relax and a wheel for fun
Overall dimensions: 46 x 29,5 x h 23 cm



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