Ferplast Ferret cage FURET TOWER, vertical two floors structure, wheels and accessories are included. Varnished grey metal and plastic, 75 x 80 x h 161 cm



The Ferplast Ferret cage FURET TOWER is a revolutionary vertical two-floor structure designed to give your ferret a comfortable and exciting place to live. It comes with all the essential accessories and wheels, making it extremely mobile and easy to move around your home. This cage is composed of varnished grey metal and plastic, giving it a modern and sleek look. The FURET TOWER measures 75 x 80 x h 161 cm, providing ample space for your pets to run around and play. The multi-level design includes ramps and platforms, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to your ferret’s daily routine. This Ferret cage is the perfect choice for any ferret owner who wants to ensure their pets have a safe and stimulating environment to live in.

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A welcoming home for your nice animal

FOTO 1 Furet Tower gabbia con furetto 57063414_1FOTO 1 Furet Tower gabbia con furetto 57063414_1

FOTO 2 dettaglio porte d'accesso dotate di chiusura di sicurezza 57063414_2FOTO 2 dettaglio porte d'accesso dotate di chiusura di sicurezza 57063414_2

FOTO 3 dettaglio fondi in resina termoplastica con ruote 57063414_3FOTO 3 dettaglio fondi in resina termoplastica con ruote 57063414_3

FOTO 4 dettaglio accessori 57063414_4FOTO 4 dettaglio accessori 57063414_4

A welcoming home for your nice animal

Furet Tower is a large two-floors ferret cage, which will welcome your pet safely. Designed to ensure the maximum comfort, the cage has two plastic bases, joined together on a solid structure, and is fully accessorised to ensure your animal will stay perfectly at ease and have everything he needs for his everyday activities.

Safe and solid structure

The cage structure is sturdy, made of varnished wire mesh with plastic columns on the sides and complete with plastic bases. The high bottom perfectly contains sawdust, collects dirt and food remains thus avoiding they can dirty the floor. The habitat, manufactured for pet’s safety, presents many lateral doors and is provided with a special closing system with plastic clips preventing accidental escapes.

Designed for easy maintenance

The wide lateral doors of Furet Tower can be completely opened for easy access inside the habitat: in this way, you can reach with no efforts the most difficult corners. For a more accurate cleaning, anyway, it is possible to separate base and top completely just unlocking the side hooks. This ferret cage can also be totally dismantled.

A fully accessorised habitat

The habitat comes complete with a corner ferret toilet, a drinking bottle, plastic feeders, shelves, internal ladders and with a wheel kit, making it easier to move. Moreover, Furet Tower is also equipped with a comfortable hammock and some connectable tubes, for your ferret’s fun and exercise. The drinking bottle (capacity of 0,6 L) can be firmly fixed to the wire mesh structure thanks to its special hook and is equipped with useful indicator of water level and anti-drop steel valve.

Habitat made of varnished metallic wire with thermoplastic resin bottoms, comes complete with wheels
Large front doors equipped with safety locking system on the front side. The cage is sold in a save-space packaging, easy to assembly.
Plastic columns in the corners to improve stability and strength. Easy to clean thanks to removable bases and separate wire net.
Accessories are included: a feeder and a plastic drinking bottle, a hammock, angular ferret toilet, shelves and ladders, tubes set for exercise



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