FANTESI 2 Pcs Cat Food Ball Dispenser Cat Treat Toy Feeder Toy for Interactive IQ Treat Training Mouse shape Tumbler (Random color)


The FANTESI 2 Pcs Cat Food Ball Dispenser is the perfect toy to keep your feline friend entertained and intellectually engaged. This toy feeder is designed to dispense treats or kibble through a small opening as the ball rolls around. This interactive IQ treat training tool is shaped like a mouse and comes in random colors. The mouse shape adds a touch of fun to the overall design of the toy, which your cat is sure to love. The tumbler design of the dispenser toy also helps to exercise your cat’s natural hunting instincts and stimulate physical activity. This food ball dispenser is an excellent way to help your cat develop better cognitive skills while being entertained at the same time.

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Product Description

Cat Food Ball DispenserCat Food Ball Dispenser

Cat Food Ball DispenserCat Food Ball Dispenser

Cat Food Ball DispenserCat Food Ball Dispenser

Cat Food Ball DispenserCat Food Ball Dispenser


Quantity: 2 pcs

Color: random color

Material: plastic

Size: 6 x 7 cm/2.36 x 2.75 inch


1. Activates your pet and increase exercise for indoor cats.

2. The appearance adopts the tumbler Mouse design, which is beautiful and generous.

3. It can reduce boredom, stimulate and challenge cat’s intelligence while forming your cat a good habit of eating slowly.

4. Fun and effective solution to save your furniture from pet Scratching and chewing

5. Open the lid and fill with snacks that can be added at any time during the interaction with your pet. The large and round upper cover makes it more comfortable to open and avoids pet biting the toy or hurting themselves.

Package include:

2 pcs cat food dispenser

❤Safe to use: Made of quality plastic material, non-toxic and safe to use. Perfect interactive toy for you to reward or accompany your pet.
❤Special design: The food ball is design with mice tumbler shape for drawing cats attention, making it be a toy for cat to play.
❤Easy to use: Simply twist off the top, add treats or food, and replace the top to secure. Top cannot be easily pulled off by your pet. After use, twist off the top again to wipe the inside clean.
❤Practical: Transparent storage tank of the food ball makes your pet to find the inside food easily and directly.



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