Famous Sega Studio Releases Statement After Serious Abuse Allegations

Famous Sega Studio Releases Statement After Serious Abuse Allegations


The Humble Legacy of Creative montage started in the late 80s and the team eventually grew into one of the most influential game studios. The company operated under Electronic Arts and was later acquired by SEGA to become the European face. CA now stands as one of Sega’s top-performing studios outside of Japan.

The developers have produced some memorable titles in the industry such as the very famous Total War series, Alien Isolation and Hyenas among others. However, the studio is now under fire for serious allegations that have surfaced in the past. Creative Assembly has officially responded to the claims.

Big takeaway:

  • Several current and former Creative Assembly employees have raised allegations of abuse and sexual misconduct.
  • Creative Assembly has issued an official statement to respond to the serious allegations against a former CA employee.
  • The team has expressed condolences to those affected and asks the victims to contact the CA team via email.
  • The game studio has launched an investigation through a third party to investigate the matter.

Many former and current employees of the company Creative Assembly have emerged with serious claims such as abuse and sexual misconduct. One person, Bal Singh, is determined to be the main culprit by the former and current employees, a former Creative Assembly member who left the company about 11 months ago.

The suspected culprit was the Main character artist and Project Art Director for Total War: Warhammer in the past, now self-employed as a freelancer. Creative Assembly is now thoroughly investigating the matter with the help of a third party to better understand the situation. The full statement is listed below:

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“We have been made aware of very disturbing and serious allegations regarding a former CA employee. We recognize how important, and often difficult, it is for individuals to talk about these experiences – and we welcome those who feel empowered to do so.” The answer corresponds to the testimony of the employees.

It goes on, “We are committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment for our people and making sure they are heard. Obviously we need to do better. We are investigating this matter through a third party to fully understand what happened.”

In another tweet, Creative Assembly also quoted the following: “If you are a former CA employee and would like to share your experiences in support of our research, please contact insists that the victims contact the team and reveal everything in the above-mentioned email.

SEGA has not yet commented at the time of writing. Time will tell how the situation develops and what appropriate measures are taken against the perpetrator. The community has responded positively to the team taking action, but some people have expressed disgust at waiting so long for the investigation to begin.

What do you think of the official statement from the Creative Assembly team against the looming charges? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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