Ewolee Hamster Chew Toys Set, 5 Pcs Wooden Hamster Cage Toys, Hammock Nest Swing Bridge Ladder Stairs Climb Toy for Hamster Squirrel Ferret Guinea Pig Parrot



The Ewolee Hamster Chew Toys Set offers an exciting selection of 5 wooden cage toys to keep your furry friend entertained and stimulated. The set contains a hammock nest for resting, a swing for swinging back and forth, a bridge to cross over, a ladder for climbing up and down, and stairs to climb for exercise. This set is suitable for various small pets, including hamsters, squirrels, ferrets, guinea pigs, and even parrots. All the toys are made of natural, non-toxic materials, making them safe for your pet to chew on. Your little pet will be thrilled to play with these toys and keep busy all day long. Get this fantastic set for your furry friend and witness the joy and excitement that it brings.

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Product Description

dwarf hamster toysdwarf hamster toys

wooden hamster toyswooden hamster toys

Wooden Hamster Toys

hamster chew toyshamster chew toys

Specifications Type: Hamster Chew Toys Set Weight: 417g Quantity: 5 Pcs Material: Natural wood + safety metal Package includes:

1 x Pet Fence (10 x 22cm)1 x Pet Bridge (6 x 30cm)1 x Pet Tunnel Bed (12 x 10 x 26cm)1 x Pet Dumbbell (4 x 8cm)1 x Pet Pine Cone (Approx. 18g)

Why you choose Ewolee Hamster Chew Toys?

Natural taste, without any chemical treatmentsDesigned to give all types of small animals.Give your pet a sense of security and belonging, be closer to their owners.Let the pet not run around and form a good habit.Selected Material, Wind-proof and Moisture-proof.Let pets have their own leisure space, and let owners go out at ease.

Bring Ewolee Hamster Chew Toys home, give your pet a great way to alleviate anxiety and become healthier.Chewing is a natural behavior for most small pets and is a healthy way for them to de-stress. Helps beat boredom and provide your pal with much-needed stimulation in his own habitat.

Hamster Toys and Accessories

hamster toys and accessorieshamster toys and accessories

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hamster accessorieshamster accessories

Hanging Fence Toy

Natural wooden with metal hook. Releasing your hamster’s nature of climbing and chewing.

Pet Wooden Bridge

Natural wood sticks with flexible metal wires, easy to adjust the shape for encouraging natural hiding and chewing instincts.

Pet Tunnel Bed & Pad

Providing your small animal with a funny and cozy place for playing and sleeping.

pet hamster toyspet hamster toys

cute hamster toyscute hamster toys

hanging hamster toyshanging hamster toys

Pet Dumbbell

For pet’s teeth grinding, playing and working out to help the small pet get rid of bored in the cage and looking for a bit of fun.

Pet Pine Cone

Perfect size for small pet, safe for chewing to satisfy their instinctual urges and help keep incisor teeth trimmed and healthy.

Suspension Design

Equipped with durable metal hooks, the hamster house toys can be hung in the cage, providing pets a fun elevated place to swing, chew, climb, rest to enjoy themselves and relieve stress.

Non-toxic Material – These toys are made of 100% natural and eco-friendly wood without any chemical additive. Non-toxic and harmless, full of natural wood scent
Promote Dental health – These wood chew toys help grind down pets’ constant-growing teeth. They also draw pets’ attention and help to prevente your pets from chewing their cage and other furniture
Funny Way – Keeping your pal healthy and active and helping them play around their environment in a new fun way
Wide Application – The chew toy kit is suitable for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Gerbils, Rats, Birds, Rodents and other small animals



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