Ethereum Whales Pay Attention to Badblockz


Cryptocurrencies are rapidly emerging as reliable investment options that allow users to earn promising returns. In addition, these blockchain-based assets provide a measure of immunity against market volatility and political factors. Pick a few prominent names like BudBlockz (Blunt) and Ethereum (ETH), dig into the details and compare.

BudBlockz is an Ethereum-enabled network that bridges the gap between entrepreneurs and the global cannabis market. Budblockz allows users to explore opportunities in the international cannabis industry and grow at scale safely and legally. Over time, it plans to help marijuana companies and enterprises deal with challenges such as logistics issues, supply chain management, tracking from seed to sale, data management, and fundraising issues.

It has launched a native token called $BLUNT which enables all types of transaction usage of the platform including staking, acquisition of liquidity pools, financing of marketing activities, NFT trading, signing petitions and voting. The supply of these tokens is set at 420,000,000.

The token is built on Ethereum’s ERC-20 standard and will be available for presale to interested buyers. The $BLUNT token is deflationary and therefore its value is kept stable by periodically burning these tokens. For this purpose, the BadBlock team is running a ‘How High’ token burn event and has reserved 2% of the token supply.

The platform launched its NFT chain called the Ganja Gurus Collection, built on the ERC-721 standard. These NFTs are inspired by the popular 1990s video game and have a supply of 10,000. By purchasing these NFTs, users also have the opportunity to become co-owners of the cannabis farms and dispensaries that BudBlockz plans to establish around the world to advance product development, research and acceptance of cannabis products. NFT buyers must complete a KYC application to become a co-owner. Once the form is filed, they can expect to earn annual dividends on their holdings.

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For many cryptocurrency analysts, BudBlockz has better long-term growth potential than many other popular alternatives. By providing its users with multiple opportunities to earn passive income, BudBlockz enables them to grow with them.

Ethereum is likely in a bullish zone ahead of the Shanghai upgrade

Ethereum is a blockchain network that allows developers to build powerful and highly scalable DApps. The native token is called ETH and it is the primary cryptocurrency of the network and other platforms built on it. The ETH token can be used for a number of transaction purposes, including staking and liquidity management. The platform recently made headlines with its decision to switch from Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm. The software upgrade was called “The Merge” and the software upgrade allowed Ethereum to reduce over 90% of its energy consumption, eliminating the role of miners and thus lowering energy costs.

In addition to facilitating digital transactions, Ethereum is an ideal network to launch NFTs. It allows NFT users to symbolize the art and earn royalties when the NFT changes hands. Ethereum is also quite popular among the developer community. Developers find it very easy to build open-source and transparent DApps. The platform is in the news again due to a new “Shanghai” software upgrade, which is expected to be rolled out in the third quarter of next year. The Shanghai upgrade allows strikers to withdraw their tokens seamlessly. The withdrawal process is designed so that the action does not affect market prices.

To get your own Budblock Ganja Gurus NFT, go to:

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Once on the page, click the “Mint Now” button and connect your ERC20 compatible wallet. You can mine your hemp gurus NFT for 0.09 ETH.

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