Eric Bischoff wishes Tony Khan included this in his opening AEW Dynamite address


Tony Khan’s on-screen appearance on “Dynamite” to clear the AEW World Championship and AEW World Trios Championship has stirred up many different reactions in the pro wrestling world. Recently, Eric Bischoff gave his two cents “Strictly Business” podcast. When this came to light, Bischoff had one main concern with Khan’s appearance.

“I wish Tony had said something other than just saying he ‘vacated the title’ because you can’t assume that everyone on the show is following the internet,” he added, “you have to mention that. That’s what’s going to happen.”

Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson, Kenny Omega, and CM Punk are away from AEW’s programming following the controversy surrounding Punk’s comments following the AEW All Out Media scandal. Khan announced that he was vacating the championship held by the four during his appearance on last Wednesday’s episode of “Dynamite.”

The criticism stemmed from Khan going a step further, not to mention the reason he was forced to vacate the newly won championship, and not even naming CM Punk or The Elite during last Wednesday’s “Dynamite”. . The wrestling world has been criticized by others, and it remains to be seen whether any on-screen explanation will be given for the absence of four of AEW’s top stars.

Currently, from the standpoint of a casual fan who watches both AEW’s weekly TV shows and their pay-per-views, the last time any of these four were seen was due to the most recently won championships. Was in victory.

“For casual fans who didn’t see or know anything,” Bischoff said, “you don’t know now.”

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