Elon Musk says Twitter will launch new color-coded verification plan next week – here’s what we know so far



Twitter CEO Elon Musk on Friday announced a new color-coded plan for verifying accounts — a manual process that could put a strain on the company’s shrinking workforce — after an aborted attempt to overhaul verification. shoes that filled the stage with a chaotic stream. Misleading accounts.

Main facts

Twitter’s new color-coded verification system will tentatively launch on Friday, December 2, Musk tweeted,

Musk said Twitter would now manually verify accounts to avoid the deluge of impersonations that would result if the company opened up its verification badges to paying users of the Twitter Blue subscription service.

Musk said the ubiquitous blue checkmark currently used for all verified accounts would be replaced by a system of blue, gold, and gray checkmarks.

Gold checkmarks are assigned to verified business accounts and gray checkmarks are assigned to “government” accounts.

Blue Check will now be given to “all” verified individuals, celebrity or not, Musk said. understood The magnitude of what is noteworthy is “very subjective, by the way.”

Musk promised a “longer explanation” of the system next week, saying a “secondary small logo” could be added to someone’s account to show they belong to an organization.

what we don’t know

It is unclear whether users will have to pay to be verified. Musk’s failed attempt to reform the verification system earlier this month opened “Verified” status to anyone willing to pay for Twitter’s premium service, Twitter Blue. The service blue-checked anyone paying $7.99 a month and failed to verify account holders’ identities, removing a deluge of “verified” accounts posing as others. Drugmaker Eli Lilly, former President Donald Trump, Pope Francis, NBA star LeBron James, gaming giant Nintendo, and Musk’s own Tesla were among the high-profile figures and companies parodied (often heavily).

important quotes

Musk described the implementation of manual verification as a “painful, but necessary” step to combat imitation. The process is likely to put a lot of strain on Twitter’s already overstretched workforce, given the massive layoffs and employee exodus since Musk took the reins in October.

what to watch

by answering When asked on Twitter about whether the checkmarks would actually help users differentiate between similar accounts, Musk acknowledged the possibility that the plan might not go through and vowed to act accordingly. Deliberate impersonation or deception will result in account suspension, he said, adding that users can use organizational affiliation, biography and number of followers to differentiate between accounts with similar names. musk told Twitter may show the number of followers below people’s names in tweets and allow filtering by the number of followers “if it really becomes a problem”.

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$191.6 billion. This is Elon Musk’s estimated net worth Forbes’ real time tracker. This figure makes Musk the richest person on the planet. He bought Twitter in October for $44 billion and is known as a leader and co-founder of electric car maker Tesla, rocket company SpaceX and tunneling company The Boring Company.

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