Elon Musk believes SBF is better at bribing media outlets than running FTX


Twitter’s new CEO – Elon Musk – thinks Sam Bankman-Fried is much better at “bribing the media” than managing a cryptocurrency platform.

The South African entrepreneur also dismissed rumors that the former FTX boss had bought a $100 million stake in Twitter.

another wave of criticism

Public opinion of SBF has undoubtedly deteriorated after the crash of the FTX stock exchange. The 30-year-old American, who was one of the most trusted figures in the space, entered the pages of crypto history behind a multi-billion dollar empire whose collapse caused huge losses for investors.

Two of the most prominent individuals to show their animosity towards the SBF are Elon Musk and Changpeng Zhao.

In a recent tweet, Tesla’s CEO argued that FTX could still be a functional entity if Bankman-Fried was as good at managing it as he was at “bribing” the media.

Binance CEO Zhao quickly responded with a laughing emoji under the post.

Musk acknowledged earlier this month that he and SBF had talks for the Twitter deal. The richest man in the world didn’t think too much of Bankman-Fried and said, “There was something wrong with that guy.”

“I talked to him for about half an hour, and I know my bullshit meter was redlined. It was like this guy is rubbish – that was my assumption,” he said.

CZ hasn’t been kind to the former CEO of FTX either. He advised SBF to stop posting cryptic tweets and instead solve the billion dollar problems.

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In one of her recent public posts, Bankman-Fried named an unidentified “combat partner” who could push the platform into a death spiral, and some thought it could be Zhao. The Binance boss said only a “psychopath” could leave such a tweet and claimed he had nothing to do with the recession.

SBF does not own Twitter stock

Several recent reports indicated that Bankman-Fried may have purchased a $100 million stake in Twitter ahead of the Elon Musk deal.

Tesla’s CEO called the rumors “false” and urged some media companies to stop spreading such speculation.

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