Elgato Stream Deck+ Review: A must-have for streamers and content creators


If you are a gamer or general PC user then you must have heard of streaming and if you have heard of it then you must have heard of Elgato Stream Deck. It’s a box of backlit customizable buttons that give you quick access to programs and other controls – ideal for on-the-fly adjustments while streaming. The latest model, the Stream Deck+, also adds a dial and touchscreen to the equation.

It’s a useful gadget for streamers, with quick access to lighting, volume and camera controls, but as we’ll see, it can also be very useful for content creators. The Stream Deck+ offers eight customizable buttons, but in addition to previous versions, also includes a touchscreen and push buttons.

Starting with the touch screen, it provides control over the functions you place there and displays the adjustments you make using the dials on the bottom. For example, you can control the system or microphone volume, or even the brightness or temperature of the lights of Elgato lighting accessories connected to the same Wi-Fi network – useful for fine-tuning those colors and exposures.

The new dials also have buttons, so not only can you use them as a dial, but you also get an extra button to work with. For example, if you control the light with the rotary knob, it can be turned off with the knob function. Buttons can also be used to add layers or ‘dial stacks’ to the watch face.

This stacking feature allows you to add additional controls to a single dial that you can cycle through with buttons. For example, you can control the light and temperature of Elgato lighting accessories on one rotary knob by switching between them with the rotary knobs.

The controls make it easy enough to do what you need, but the real star of the show is the software interface and the available plugins and icons that are free to download. More are being added, but at the same time integrating Spotify, Twitch and Voicemod takes minutes and goes beyond simple app-opening commands as you can choose commands to control almost every aspect of the software. Can

This leads me to use the Stream Deck+ for gaming, streaming and other tasks besides music. For example, Premiere Pro has a full icon set that lets you use keys and dials to control various aspects of the software. For example, the Premiere Pro Icon Pack has over 60 icons such as Ripple Delete, Add Edit, Adjust Track Heights, Grouping, and dozens of others that remove the need to remember keyboard shortcuts or use your mouse so often.

You can also use the dial to control functions such as scrubbing or moving clips. It’s a real time saver and all you have to do is link the keyboard commands to the corresponding icons, place them on the correct keys in the software and you’re good to go. While the Stream Deck+ only has eight keys, you can easily create up to 10 pages by going through each of the Premiere Pro icons in the icon pack, and scrolling between pages is even easier using the touch screen.


Damage to your wallet? The Stream Deck+ costs $200, which is a lot for something many of us don’t use on a regular basis. But even if you’re not a regular streamer, spending hours each week editing photos or videos can definitely save you time and this is where it sets it apart from many other gadgets – it can even save you money if you earn money of that work and it takes you less time to do it.

However, the ecosystem behind Stream Deck+ is mature, there are tons of free plugins and add-ons, and if you’re new to this kind of gadget, there can be a learning curve, and setting them up takes time. , once you’ve done that, you don’t have to do it again. It’s not a must-have item for anyone using a PC, but it’s certainly a huge benefit for content creators, not just streamers.

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