EC3 raises issue in AEW if CM Punk’s comment was a shoot


Despite the incident that happened nearly two weeks ago, the wrestling community is still talking about an alleged backstage feud between CM Punk with their coach Ace Steel and Kenny Omega of The Elite and The Young Bucks. The latest person to give his two cents on the matter is former WWE star EC3. in a new interview with NBC Sports BostonThe former Impact World Champion admitted he doesn’t know all the details about what happened, but he actually saw it online.

“I saw a piece of information on that scandal was talking about it through punk, and the media, and cabanas. I’m like, ‘Wow, this is so raw s**t.’ So I didn’t know if it was brought up or what, you know, I stay off the internet and headlines because they’re rarely true, but now there’s like backstage controversy, and it’s all going on, and I’m like this – because I’m a wrestler – is this an elaborate move? Is it true?”

All signs point to the backstage fight being legit, especially considering that Tony Khan suspended everyone involved and vacated CM Punk and his AEW Championship elite. Regardless, EC3 sees this as an opportunity the company can capitalize on now that attention has reached its peak. “Let me tell you; it’s got people interested. Everyone’s probably going to tune in (for “Dynamite”), right? At the same time, from a business standpoint, if it’s real, there’s a huge lack of leadership. , and I think it’s all in wrestling. So I’m very happy Triple H taking over Because I think he’s a real, legitimate leader. In my short time with Billy, I have seen that he is a real, legitimate leader.”

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