Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Hollywood’s highest-paid actor and second-most-followed celebrity on Instagram, sets Guinness World Record for this useless skill


From dropping the People’s Elbow in a WWE ring to giving Hollywood blockbusters, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has come a long way. He’s been breaking records every year since entering the mainstream of professional wrestling, acting, and now getting into various business ventures.

Everything The Rock does is always massive, and he shares the same on his social media. The megastar has made a huge living on social media by sharing photos and videos. However, did you know Johnson would set a record for clicking selfies?

A few years back in 2015, made a Guinness World Record for taking selfies. He walked the red carpet to promote his film San Andreas and set a world record by clicking over 100 selfies in 3 minutes and setting a Guinness World Record.

According to the website of , “Hollywood superstar Dwayne Johnson has set a new Guinness World Records title for the most self-portrait photographs (selfies) taken in three minutes, at the world premiere of his new film San Andreas at Odeon Leicester Square in London Dwayne captured 105 red carpet selfies with excited moviegoers.

The former champion clicked all the photos using a smartphone. He clicked the pictures with fans, who were in line to be part of this thrilling world record. However, the Jumanji actor had to follow certain rules as a participant in this competition.

Guinness World Records referee Mark McKinley made sure they followed selfie rules, with requirements such as participants’ full faces and necks being visible and images being in focus, with recognizable faces and without blurring. They disqualified several photos for not respecting the rules, thus making the final tally of 105 photos.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson reacts to his world record

In 2015, Dwayne Johnson set a new world record by clicking 105 selfies in 3 minutes with fans. The Guinness World Record officials who were present there acknowledged this and gave Johnson a framed certificate about it.

However, The Rock celebrated the same in his style by posting on Instagram. He shared a video, in which he said, “I just broke a Guinness Book of World Records for most selfies of all time…London, we did it!!!!!”

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He kept the legend, “We just set a NEW GUINNESS WORLD RECORD for most self-portraits (selfies) taken in record time (yup, a selfie world record exists and your arm is getting a hell of a workout). SAN ANDREAS WORLD PREMIERE and rewriting the record books in one night #MicDropBoom #NewSelfieKing #LONDON #SanAndreasWorldTour MAY 29th.

This was when The Rock made headlines for two of his most successful movies Fast & Furious 7 and San Andreas. Of course, he hasn’t backed down since and is breaking records in his Hollywood career.

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